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Etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1122

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BiomedicalEthics TMCOnline Summer15. How do I define health? Health can mean many different things to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, lots of people. When I think of health I think about the quality of life. One can have an illness or disease in still is in good health. How you treat yourself and care for your own needs will promote good healthy living actives.

If the person is involved and engaged in life then health will follow and shine though. A person#8217;s state of mind I feel plays a large part in accounting msc thesis, how one sees their health and reacts to any illness that comes their way. Health care is it right or should it be earned? This is a hard question to answer because we all need health care and not all people can work for uwaterloo 1123, it. However, my personal belief is that you should work for what you get in msc thesis, life because nothing is ever truly free. Uwaterloo. In saying my personal value/belief comes from how I was raised. My parents always taught me you show earn what you have and poetics essay, never take something for free. Then on the other side I also was taught to always help them that are in need.

I do feel that parents have the right ideal but in today#8217;s world some people do not have any standards or core values in life. Making people pay for their own health care would make them respect their health a little more because if they got sick they would have to pay the uwaterloo 1123 co pay or their cost of insurance may go up. If someone does get assists with health care they should work for it in some fashion, if they are in able body. Now those who are unable to essay contest a house, care for uwaterloo ca display 1123, themselves such as the elder, the TRULY disable, or families which a very sick child that might need help with assists it should be there for them. But, I know making those decisions to the red book report, who is able and not able is etheses uwaterloo ca display, hard in the times we live in today. So free or not free I guess it is still a toss-up?

I define health as the absence of contest, chronic, debilitating disease. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id. Most of plans, us have some sort of health problems and diagnoses, but not to etheses uwaterloo, the point of importance of essay type, disability. It does not mean the same to everyone, but very few people live without any medical problem or aches and pains ever. If we can maximize our health with diet, exercise, meds, and uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, live with the conditions we have with good quality of life, then I#39;d say that is good health. Our ideal healthcare would look similar to in quality to book report, the affordable care act. I like the premise of Obamacare, extending coverage to all Americans, extending kids coverage to age of etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, 26 for kids, covering more services for preventative care for free without copays, and many other benefits. With that being said, I#39;m not sure how to have all this paid for pyramid, and not send our country in further debt (it already has). Just because everyone is uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, covered, doesn#39;t mean they are actually paying for it. All of poetics essay, us working are paying to keep this country afloat, which is why many are opposed. Medicare and Medicaid coverage has been extended and that has made our taxes go up. I also feel we spend a lot of money on uwaterloo, treatment that is unnecessary at times, doing treatments and running tests that are running costs up on patients that we know will not benefit from them.

I don#39;t know what the answer is, but I think we need more parameters to important gre essay, meet criteria for usage of certain tests or treatments. Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id. If patients don#39;t fit into book, the criteria, then perhaps the treatments should not be an option or made available to them. I used o define health by uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id the textbook definition the absence of disease, however since I live with a chronic illness ( lupus) , by that definition I would never be seen as healthy, SO, like any good nurse - I redefined my idea of health. Health for me is poetics essay, being able to etheses ca display, get up each morning and do the things I need to do , as well as the things I want to do with minimal interruption of pain, stiffness, swelling, fever, and fatigue that defines my disease. I am happy to say that on most days I enjoy great health. WHO deserves healthcare? I truly feel that everyone does , regardless of age, gender, economic status , etc. However I do feel that those who are able should contribute to the financial support of healthcare. The US , in my opinion , is important knowledge gre essay, very lax in who they give disability payments to.

Sure , there are a lot of people out there who can#39;t work because of horrible diseases or injuries- but we have also seen those who still enjoy recreational activities , regular lives and are on it as well. Everyone has something they can contribute to the betterment of society - finding that talent and exploiting it , turning it into a meaningful contribution could be there repayment fir insurance . Health can be defined as the uwaterloo ca display 1123 absence of illnesses and/or diseases. Accounting Msc Thesis. However, there are people that have diseases who I would consider healthy. For example, someone with asthma who is able to carry out their normal ADL#8217;s, meeting all of the typical needs without limitations of asthma I would consider healthy. What does my ideal health care system look like? This is the million dollar question. It is a wonderful idea for everyone to have access to insurance. I am just not sure how we can make that happen.

I do not like a big government and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, our government just seems to essay plans, get bigger and bigger sticking its hand in every part of our lives. I am all for helping those in need, who are trying to help themselves into etheses uwaterloo ca display, a better position, and are not abusing the system or help they are given. Healthcare for everyone would be a wonderful thing, but I believe it holds many problems of its own such as limited access to the care and decisions regarding treatments available not left up to the patient but made by the government. After this and our nursing class, it is essay contest to win a house, even more evident that we are facing significant issues in healthcare. In addition, you look around at those issues that are not directly related to cfm ethesis_id, healthcare that need attention as well, such as infrastructure (bridges and roadways) in need of major repair or replacement, long term drought with no relief in sight, the national debt that already exists, and of essay type, national security.

It paints a dismal and depressing picture. I believe that for successful collaboration you need individuals who are willing to work together and not focused only on ca display, their individual agendas. Career. You need a variety of disciplines represented and to find those groups or agencies that are currently successful and uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, leading the way in positive strides towards healthcare. Then, start with the areas that can make the greatest impact for the most people and continually evaluate the progress being made. I define health as the essay a house overall well-being of a person socially, mentally, emotionally and physically. A person can be dx with a chronic disease however he/she can still function as a healthy person. I believe every American should be entitled to etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id, health care coverage in poetics essay, the U.S. I think an etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id ideal health care system would be similar to the Universal Health Care Plan of Europe. The UK provides the leading health care system in the world and spend significantly less on GDP each year.

The majority of the system would be ran by a public sector and the government would control the spending cost for administration salaries, cost of prescription medication and health care services. This system would be funded through tax payers dollars and the amount is determined by questions a person#39;s total income. Like many of my classmates, I do not define health as simply the uwaterloo absence of disease. I feel as though a person is healthy when they are able to function to the best of accounting msc thesis, their ability even in the presence of chronic conditions. Those chronic conditions could be heart disease, diabetes, depression, MS or any other of dozens of diseases. Those who are able to manage those processes while still functioning in the roles of life they held as valuable prior to a diagnoses. For instance, my father in law was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis. He is a more active participant at family gatherings, has been making an effort to be more involved in the lives of his children and grandchildren.

I realize much of this is due to his needing to face his own mortality. He has been able to be an active participant in managing his disease by being responsible for taking his medication and making adjustments to his daily like to handle side affects of his new meds. He states he feels healthier even though he knows this new diagnosis means his life will likely end sooner than without the etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 cirrhosis. I see him as an overall healthier person. An ideal healthcare system would have access to of essay, care for all.

I do not believe that that care needs to be unlimited. I think that patients, those who receive care need to etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, be held accountable to contest, some degree for etheses cfm ethesis_id, their health. By that I mean, as consumers of healthcare, we need to contest a house, be responsible for our actions. I think that incentives should continue and even increase for those who exhibit healthy lifestyle habits. I also think that higher rates may be appropriate for individuals who do not change unhealthy habits should pay a higher insurance premium, but there is a fine line between monitoring those behaviors and impinging on privacy. I have no answer on how to address that issue. I think there will continue to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, be a great need to supply insurance for those who are unable to attain private insurance. I think giving insurance or coverage needs to be monitored frequently to be sure that the insured still meets criteria for the coverage. At some point, we all need to poetics essay, accept that there will be times when insurance will not cover any and all procedures and etheses cfm ethesis_id, testing.

It will become cost prohibitive. Again, I do not have an answer for this, just my thought on what#39;s coming as healthcare becomes more expensive to provide. Health is different for poetics essay, everyone. I think when people are at their ultimate best then they are their healthy. These levels can range due to a person#8217;s chronic conditions and personal health habits. I define health as physical and mental well being. Although most people live with chronic disease, they can still be well. Compliance with diet, medication, and exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.

I define health as being able to etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, carry on your personal duties in their personal and professional life. I also believe that healthcare is a right. I like how our healthcare system is set up now. However, I think that their should be less out of pocket pay for people with insurance, I also believe that the government should crack down on poetics essay, the people that are using the system. People with chronic conditions, children, vets, military, elderly ect should be able to etheses, obtain healthcare if they can not obtain insurance on knowledge gre essay, their own. I define health as living your life with a happy and positive attitude and living it to etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, your fullest without and medical complications holding you back. Quality of life is what is the red pyramid, most important to me and my family. Uwaterloo. I believe that everyone under the plans age of 18 years old should be entitled to healthcare coverage. Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id. I feel that everyone over contest to win a house, that age should have to work and or pay to contribute into our healthcare system in order to receive healthcare benefits. If a person develops cancer at cfm ethesis_id 1123, say age 50, he or she would have already payed into healthcare throughout their life and would have full healthcare benefits. I think the questions way our system is set up currently is very hard to swallow sometimes.

I see people abusing the system on uwaterloo ca display, a daily basis having their 8th child on medicaid and getting all free healthcare and food and book, not working or even trying to work. Why would they, everything they have now in life is free. And on the other hand you have all the middle class people working every hour they can to afford healthcare insurance and life in general. seems life an unfair system to me. I define health as living your life with a happy and positive attitude and living it to your fullest without and medical complications holding you back. Quality of etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id, life is essay, what is most important to me and my family. I believe that everyone under the age of 18 years old should be entitled to healthcare coverage. Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123. I feel that everyone over that age should have to poetics essay, work and or pay to contribute into our healthcare system in order to receive healthcare benefits. If a person develops cancer at etheses, say age 50, he or she would have already payed into healthcare throughout their life and accounting msc thesis, would have full healthcare benefits. I think the way our system is set up currently is very hard to swallow sometimes.

I see people abusing the etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id system on a daily basis having their 8th child on medicaid and getting all free healthcare and food and not working or even trying to imagination is more important than knowledge gre essay, work. Why would they, everything they have now in uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, life is free. Poetics Essay. And on the other hand you have all the uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id middle class people working every hour they can to afford healthcare insurance and life in general. seems life an imagination is more important gre essay unfair system to me.

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It is largely asynchronous, allowing you to continue to meet professional and personal obligations during your course of study. A small number of live online classes presented via the essay a house state-of-the-art video conferencing tool, Adobe Connect™, provide the cfm ethesis_id 1123 benefit of “attending” class and interacting with professors and peers in real time. Our online MBA offers great flexibility while providing the same academic rigor as our internationally recognized on-campus MBA programs. Imagination Than Knowledge. Hone your leadership abilities and develop high-level communication and analytical skills. Gain valuable expertise in essential areas of business operations, such as accounting, marketing, finance, management and information systems. Explore the ethical and financial challenges of doing business in cfm ethesis_id 1123 the global marketplace. The Smith online MBA focuses on book modern, applicable strategies and ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 skills to create an pyramid, educational experience with real-world value. Any MBA program should broaden your overall perspective and understanding of the etheses ca display 1123 diverse world of business. A first-rate MBA program will also provide a detailed examination of the business areas that most interest you. That’s why our online MBA offers four highly relevant specializations focused on the most important aspects of modern business Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Business Analytics, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management in addition to a general track for those looking for the broadest MBA experience.

Broaden your MBA experience with an expansive look at the core concepts covered in importance of essay type questions each of the four specializations. Develop your background in accounting, information systems and business analytics, finance and marketing to etheses uwaterloo become the most well-rounded professional you can be. Information Systems and accounting Business Analytics. Business is evolving more rapidly than ever through the uwaterloo ca display 1123 increased ability to gather key information with speed and precision. Learn to of essay type manage and analyze data and design and implement information systems to help you stay current in etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 the professional setting. How your company and questions products are represented to the consumer is crucial to your company’s – and uwaterloo ca display 1123 your – success. Explore the essay latest marketing topics, such as data-driven marketing and permission marketing.

Build your brand management expertise while developing a strong portfolio of marketing skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. Advanced managerial accounting is vital to every business. Learn to analyze, track and communicate the financial information necessary for formulating business strategy and managing financial assets. Wise money management in ca display cfm ethesis_id the modern business environment is essential for success. Engage in an in-depth exploration of the challenging intricacies of corporate finance, financial restructuring and investing. Growing local and global operations takes expertise.

With a curriculum designed for the future of supply chain management, that’s what you get. Poetics Essay. Learn how to identify, evaluate and mitigate risk, improve efficiencies and etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123 utilize cutting-edge supply chain technology applications, including cloud-based programs like Resilinc and SAP. Build your business acumen with the same advanced business leadership courses offered through our prestigious on-campus degree programs. Examine entrepreneurship, management, information systems, ethics, the on future career global economic environment, financial accounting, operations, negotiation, leadership, human capital and more. A strong working knowledge of ca display these topics can help you become a well-rounded leader with the ability to work successfully across teams and departments. Click the arrows below to view our course offerings. Introduces students to analytical techniques that establish the optimality of managerial decisions via empirical (“data models”) and logical (“decisions”) means. The course may be viewed as consisting of two integrated parts. In the first part, various methods of analyzing data, including regression analysis, are studied.

The second part covers models for poetics essay, making optimal decisions in situations characterized by either an absence of uncertainty or where the uncertainty arises from non-competitive sources. Introduces students to tools and skills needed to create and grow a successful new venture as well as evaluate the potential of etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id new ventures and accounting entrepreneurs for etheses ca display 1123, those in venture finance. The course integrates research findings from the red, a range of uwaterloo ca display different practical and intellectual perspectives, including psychology, sociology, economics, strategic management and imagination important than gre essay history into practical, hands-on lessons for an entrepreneur. Class projects provide the foundations for new, real businesses. Presents the main concepts and etheses uwaterloo ca display analytic methods of modern corporate finance. Students learn about the structure of financial markets, the techniques and language of finance and the various responsibilities of the corporate financial manager. Topics addressed include objective of creating shareholder value; valuation of corporate securities, including stocks and imagination is more important than bonds; risk-return relationship and its implications for finance; financial techniques for evaluating corporate investments; corporate financing alternatives and the design of a company’s capital structure; coordinating investment and ca display cfm ethesis_id financing; and basics of of essay derivatives pricing. The Global Economic Environment 2.

Provides managers with the uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 tools necessary to intelligently interpret the national and international economic environment, including the impact of economic policies on the economy and the firm. The course develops basic macroeconomic theory to enable managers to poetics essay critically evaluate economic forecasts and policy recommendations and etheses uwaterloo ca display then apply these concepts in a series of case studies. Introduction to Financial Accounting 2. Focuses on the preparation, understanding and analysis of accounting financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. These statements report a company’s profitability and financial health and are useful to all economic agents who are engaged with the etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 firm.

These include investors (actual and poetics essay potential), employees, customers and governments. The overall objective of this course is to provide students with the concepts and tools needed to etheses uwaterloo understand and effectively use a company’s external or financial accounting information system. Builds on students’ leadership experience to imagination is more important knowledge gre essay extend their theoretical knowledge and 1123 applied skills. Using assessment tools, exercises, films, cases and other assignments, students gain a stronger understanding and skill set to excel in leadership positions today. Also provides an overview of the key issues related to managing human capital in poetics essay organizations. Covers critical issues that every professional needs to know, regardless of cfm ethesis_id 1123 functional area, and examines them from both a strategic and a tactical level that should be relevant to all practicing managers and leaders. Helps to analyze financial as well as non-financial information in planning, control and decision making. Managerial accounting is primarily concerned with helping managers make effective decisions related to utilization of poetics essay resources, cost analysis, performance evaluation, etc. The overall objective of this course is to provide you with the concepts and tools needed to understand and effectively use a company’s internal or managerial accounting information system. Managerial Economics and Public Policy 2. Examines basic microeconomic principles used by ca display, firms, including supply and demand, elasticity, costs, productivity, pricing, market structure and competitive implications of alternative market structures, market failures and questions government intervention, and uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 public policy processes affecting business operations.

Focuses on the development and application of essay on future plans a framework governing the marketing process with emphasis on uwaterloo strategic decisions including market segmentation, target market selection and brand positioning. Discussions include: the marketing concept, promotion strategies, go-to-market plans, pricing and is more than knowledge sales force management. Examines the strategic role that the operations function can play and offers specific tools and techniques that the firm can use for strategy execution. Covers concepts of operations management applied to both manufacturing and services, including operations strategy, analysis of process flows and uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 bottlenecks, waiting line models, total quality management, Six Sigma and lean management. Examines how to identify transformational technologies and develop strategies to take advantage of them, including case studies to illustrate managerial decisions about technology as well as lectures that help frame the issues. The course is importance, focused on management issues and is suitable for the student with no IT experience, as well as for students with technical backgrounds who want to understand how to manage IT in the firm. Examines management decision making in the design and implementation of supply chains, including expansion overseas. Orients the student to the field of etheses ca display supply chain management through cases and lectures on the importance of the field. Importance Of Essay Type. Closely examines critical decision making in the global supply chain, including managing the overall synchronization of demand and supply, buyer/supplier collaboration, and cfm ethesis_id 1123 performance score carding.

Action Learning Projects (ALPs) are a practical and high-impact way to develop your ability to think and lead across an organization by applying what you have learned in the classroom. ALPs are like a class project, but the on future plans difference between the typical class project and these transformative projects is the difference between a glass of skim milk and a milkshake. ALPs create practical learning experiences by integrating knowledge gained from the core curriculum and focusing on real business problems in real-time – outside the uwaterloo risks and demands of your day-to-day job. Teaches students how to: recognize the on future career scope of managerial agency and the economic, legal and ethical responsibilities to various stakeholders; conduct elementary ethical analyses of managerial situations using the principal schools of ethical reasoning; identify the economic and ethical properties of a market mechanism and the means for addressing the limitations of a market; and recognize ethical leadership as the exercise of managerial agency in changing existing values and practices. Executive Powers and Negotiation 2. Examines ways to expand your power and influence capabilities, as well as enhance your negotiation skills. Guides you in obtaining personal insights into your own approaches, strengths and weaknesses. Provides the opportunity to develop and implement a negotiation plan to apply the course principles in a personal or professional setting.

Provides a broad look at issues that global organizations face across the enterprise. Etheses 1123. The course explores international marketing, finance, management and organizational behavior strategies. Students taking the course receive a global business perspective. Develops the fundamental knowledge and skills of MBA students who plan to work with organizations as change agents, whether internally or externally as outside consultants. This course draws on literatures from organizational behavior, organizational change and development, organizational structure, human resource management and strategic management to identify and important than knowledge understand critical factors and underlying processes that drive for and against organizational change.

This course also provides students with useful models, tools and uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 skills for to win a house, leading and managing organizational change effectively. Analyze and identify profit opportunities and ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 threats in different industry and on future competitive environments; Analyze and identify a firm’s valuable assets, resources and capabilities and how they might be protected, leveraged, and extended in the market; Learn how to organize your company to be the best prepared to etheses adapt its strategy over time as the market environment changes; and how to use organic growth as well as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, and divestitures to book report ensure that the etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 firm maintains the proper scale and scope to compete effectively over time. Our three-day, on-campus experience is designed to welcome you to the Smith School community. You’ll get started on coursework, get to know the book report faculty and staff at the University of Maryland, College Park, and etheses 1123 join classmates in the red report the program for etheses 1123, some team building – all at the doorstep of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Closing Residency: Capstone Business Experience 2. The capstone experience will help students appreciate the value and essay on future career interconnectedness of the various functional business areas.

The capstone will result in much stronger knowledge of all business areas and a more marketable online MBA degree. A = Accounting, F = Finance, IS = Information Systems #038; Business Analytics, M = Marketing. Fraud Examination, Detection, and Deterrence in the Business Environment (A) 2. This course examines and discusses issues relating to etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 fraud in poetics essay the business environment. It is applicable to students in the OMBA accounting, finance, business analytics, or general tracks.

Fraud can be perpetrated due to failures in etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id internal controls or ethical conduct in a business, as well as the pressures, motivations and opportunities of book report those who engage in the fraud. The objective of this course is to identify the business resources for deterring fraud, evaluating the conditions that permit fraud to cfm ethesis_id occur, and to assist management to poetics essay design effective fraud detection and uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 prevention plans. The course will also introduce management to the steps necessary after fraud is detected, from the conduct of of essay questions internal investigations, to the retention of external consultants and interface with the businesses’ external auditors. The Impact of Taxation on etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 Business Entities (A) 2. An exploration of the tax aspects of business entities and transactions. The course examines C corporations, S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies from the standpoint of entity formation, operation and liquidation.

The course also provides a basic introduction to the taxation of individuals, with emphasis on poetics essay individuals as employees and proprietors. The objective of this course is to teach students about: 1) the analysis and valuation of equity securities; and 2) the uwaterloo ca display structure and function of the equity markets. Students will learn to analyze equity securities using the the red pyramid book basic EIC (Economy/Industry/Company) framework used in the financial industry, paying special attention to financial statement analysis. Students also will learn the primary valuation techniques used to estimate market values for equity securities. Additionally, students will learn about the uwaterloo ca display equity markets by studying current and expected changes in market structure and function, and by studying alternative methods of making equity investments. The analytical framework and report valuation techniques, as well as the practical market information students learn in etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 this class will be useful for careers in corporate finance, asset management, research, sales, trading, financial market regulation or financial journalism. The financial crisis and subsequent far-reaching overhaul of the financial services sector in the form of the career Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, punctuates the critical need for understanding bank structure and their activities, risks and regulatory oversight. Banks are unique among other corporations in their ability to transform liabilities such as deposits into earning assets.

The course focuses on bank structure and regulation, governance, asset and uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id liability management and the red book report risks affecting financial institutions associated with bank activities. Examines alternative ways to increase firm value through corporate restructuring, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, carve-outs, leveraged buy-outs, and bankruptcy restructurings. Focus is on theory, practice, empirical evidence, and legal constraints related to each of these forms of restructuring, and emphasis is placed on valuation analysis and etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 strategic considerations. A = Accounting, F = Finance, IS = Information Systems #038; Business Analytics, M = Marketing. Foundation II Selectives (Continued) Credits. In business magazines, on accounting msc thesis TV, and in board rooms, “big data” and “data analytics” are hot topics. Interest is high as vast quantities of data are being generated these days, including new types of data such as web traffic, social network data, and reviews and comments on etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 websites. This data is a valuable resource that, when used correctly, can create a not only a competitive edge for companies but can lead to better decision making in all sectors of society.

This is the red pyramid, a first course in data analytics focusing on descriptive and predictive analytics. This course is intended to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id provide an introduction to the tools and techniques of data analytics that are central to the analysis of data, with a focus on classification and prediction. A particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the data analytics process, and the outputs of different methods; less attention will be placed on importance of essay the analytical and algorithmic interpretation of details of the methodology. The focus will be on business applications and examples from Marketing, Finance, Healthcare, and Operations will be used to illustrate the breadth of applications of Data Analytics in Business. Managing Digital Businesses and etheses uwaterloo Platforms (IS) 2.

At the beginning of the 21st century our economy is increasingly becoming “digital”, i.e. shifting to products and services that have fewer “physical” components and more “information” and “network” components. Music and news are just two examples of industries where each new generation of products and services tends to pyramid report have fewer “atoms” and more “bits”. Apple, Facebook and Google are examples of companies that derive their value from tying together groups of users in a network. Such digital businesses have a number of unique and unusual properties that set them apart from physical businesses and fundamentally change the etheses uwaterloo structure and competitive dynamics of their respective industries. In this course, we will examine some of the characteristics of digital businesses and markets that make them unique and essay contest a house understand how companies can best manage them. Social Media and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 Web Analytics (IS) 2. The advent of the sharing economy and the growth of social media platforms have provided unprecedented access to vast amounts of information and in the process transformed industries, spawned success stories, and redefined traditional business landscapes.

This course will examine the strategic implications of these technological developments for businesses, consumers, and society at large. In this course, we will review concepts and principles related to online platforms, social media, and poetics essay web analytics, and examine the opportunities and challenges associated with business use of social media and web technologies. Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. Through a combination of readings, simulations, case discussions, presentations, and hands-on projects/assignments we will learn about (i) the characteristics of networks, platforms, social media, and the sharing economy, and poetics essay their potential to transform businesses and society, (ii) emerging business models and social media strategies, and etheses ca display (iii) approaches that businesses and policy makers can use to evaluate, apply, and leverage these technologies. The field of consumer behavior involves the study of the processes involved when individuals (or groups) select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires. This course is intended to enhance your understanding of consumer behavior and how it can be utilized by marketing managers to develop effective marketing strategies.

Questions we will answer include: what factors determine whether consumers will pay attention to the information you provide to type questions them about your product or service? what factors determine whether they will be able to remember this information? what actions can you take to persuade people to try your product? when people try your product, what factors influence their evaluation of ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 it? Understanding all of important than knowledge gre essay these factors is essential if you are trying to get a customer to etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 choose your product or service repeatedly over time, in poetics essay addition to generating word-of-mouth for your product. Understanding consumer information processing also is critical to the successful design and implementation of cfm ethesis_id marketing research. Career Plans. We find that students enjoy learning about consumer research, and often end up discovering as much about how they themselves are influenced by marketing actions as about how they can influence others. This course focuses on managing customers of a business – whether in B2B or B2C space – as a portfolio of “equity”, focusing on etheses uwaterloo ca display understanding the poetics essay current and future value of etheses cfm ethesis_id customers to the business that can aid in selective acquisition, development, and retention of customers using latest developments in questions information technology.

Course participants will examine the conceptual foundations of customer equity, its measurement, its strategic implications, its use for determining return on marketing investments and its implementations in different business contexts through a variety of cases spanning both B2C and B2B space. Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123. The objective of the course is to examine the strategic and analytical aspects of customer equity in equal measure so that participants will have a deeper understanding of the power of customer equity management and how to put it to work effectively in their business. Co-Creating Customer Experience (M) 2. You can always attract a customer with a promise, but retaining customers can be more difficult. Co-creating memorable and to win a house compelling customer experiences is a key way to retain customers, and in fact, can be a strategic core competence that materially affects a company’s growth and profitability. This course will help students understand the etheses uwaterloo dynamics and DNA of customer experience, and provide them with a framework for designing, implementing, and innovating customer experience. Students will be expected to apply their understanding of customer experience co-creation to improving or innovating the customer experience for essay on future plans, a specific company (example, Arista-cloud networking), brand (example, Airbnb), customer segment (example, low budget business travelers), or product-market segment (example, vehicle accident trauma patients treated in outpatient settings). A = Accounting, F = Finance, IS = Information Systems #038; Business Analytics, M = Marketing, S = Supply Chain Management. Foundation II Selectives (Continued) Credits.

In today’s international landscape, firms that want to “globalize” their operations must be aware of international distribution systems, governmental restrictions on cfm ethesis_id the movement of goods, export and import documentation and the various players involved in worldwide trade. You can build that knowledge with this course. Get an in-depth view of logistics and supply chain issues related to import/export management. Learn how to operate industry-relevant, cloud-based SAP software. Apply case and importance theoretical material to examine international issues and then use your new skills to help your organization succeed under global competition. The key to resiliency in the global enterprise is supply chain risk management (SCRM) capability. With this course, you can develop your skills in ca display cfm ethesis_id risk identification, assessment and mitigation, master industry standard software like Resilinc and essay plans learn to enable a team experience with cloud-based supply chain risk analytics and management software, the basis of uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 SCRM. Innovative Solutions to the red book Supply Chain Challenges (S) 2. In supply chain management, innovation is in constant demand. With this course you can learn how to make positive changes in your role through supply chain coordination/collaboration strategies and planning and product intermodal operations.

Each week’s topic is explored through a computer simulation that allows you to address industry topics in uwaterloo ca display an interactive and illustrative manner. Our faculty is the heart of our MBA program. While enrolled in on future the program, you will have the opportunity to learn from and etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 collaborate with the innovators and established thought leaders of the Robert H. Smith School of Business – the same esteemed educators who deliver our globally recognized on-campus MBA programs. Poetics Essay. Consistently ranked among the nation’s best in intellectual capital by Financial Times , our faculty delivers a wealth of industry experience into every online course. Our students benefit from having the opportunity to interact and network with the minds that are currently shaping the world of business and uwaterloo ca display defining the future of global business practice.

Associate Research Professor #038; Executive Director. Assistant Professor of Operations Management. Clinical Associate Professor | 2014 Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellow. Margret Vilborg Bjarnadottir. Assistant Professor of importance Management Science and Statistics. Clinical Associate Professor #038; Senior Fellow, Office of Executive Education. Research Professor #038; Co-Director, Supply Chain Management Center. Clinical Associate Professor #038; Associate Chair, Accounting #038; Information Assurance Department.

Associate Dean for the Office of Executive Programs #038; Clinical Professor. Lecturer, Management #038; Organization Associate Director, QUEST Honors Program. Michelle E. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id. Smith Professor of Logistics #038; Co-Director, Supply Chain Management Center. Vice President and the red pyramid book Chief Information Officer, University of Maryland. Clinical Professor and Academic Director, Online MBA.

Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science | Chair, Department of Marketing. Clinical Associate Professor. Professor of Information Systems. Clinical Professor of Management. Visiting Assistant Professor. Clinical Associate Professor of Management Science #038; Statistics. Smith Chair of ca display cfm ethesis_id Human Resource Management #038; Organizational Change #038; Co-Director of CLIC. Clinical Associate Professor. Associate Professor of Information Systems #038; Co-Director of poetics essay DIGITS.

Clinical Associate Professor. Clinical Associate Professor. Associate Professor of Operations Management #038; Associate Department Chair. What Makes the Smith MBA One of the uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id Best Online MBA Programs? A Commitment to msc thesis Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The Robert H. Etheses Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. Smith School of Business is home to the Dingman Center, one of the nation’s first academic entrepreneurship centers and recognized as one of the nation’s largest angel groups. Dingman Center Angels is one of just a few angel investing networks nationwide that are housed in an entrepreneurship center or business school. The Dingman Center has received high honors and awards, including the NASDAQ Award for Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship. The Smith School is also home to Cupid’s Cup, one of the nation’s most prestigious entrepreneurial competitions, offering more than $115,000 in cash prize money to some of the importance type questions business world’s brightest minds. In 2014, the event was hosted for uwaterloo ca display, the ninth time by of essay type, the University of Maryland along with Maryland alumnus and Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank. Our AACSB accredited online MBA program encourages students to pursue new ideas and act as innovators to promote positive change in the world of business.

The entrepreneurship component of the etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id Smith MBA is to win a house, designed to give you the skills to grow a successful business venture from the ground up and to accurately assess the etheses 1123 potential of such a venture. The Benefits of importance questions Experiential Learning. What will you learn during your MBA experience that will help you stand out as a smart, savvy business professional? Many programs can provide you with improved business skills, but the online MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business offers something more. By adding Action Learning Projects to our MBA residencies, we challenge students to get involved with real-world business issues both domestically and abroad. It’s a hands-on approach to learning that develops tangible leadership, teamwork, analysis and communication skills. We use a dynamic combination of asynchronous learning, live online classes and on-campus residencies to prepare students to face real-world challenges confidently.

Whether you’re looking to establish your place in consulting, international business, social venture, investing or entrepreneurship, the ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 Smith MBA can provide the practical knowledge to help you achieve your goals. The Robert H. Smith School of Business is accounting msc thesis, proud of the multitude of top rankings that our MBA program has earned. While the enrichment of our students will always be more important than recognition in ca display 1123 any publication, these rankings give us great pride. They matter to us because they are representative of the level of dedication we pour into molding the next generation of innovative business leaders. They matter to you because they remind colleagues and associates that you are expertly qualified with an advanced business education of the highest caliber. View a full list of our current rankings here. An Environment of Collaborative Growth. At the Robert H. Contest A House. Smith School of Business, we go to great lengths to provide an etheses uwaterloo 1123, environment of important gre essay support for uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, all students and alumni. Our faculty and students alike are committed to collaborative growth, pulling each other up rather than pushing each other down to get ahead.

Smith students are ambitious and competitive, but they also appreciate the value of cooperation and community. Is More Than. At Smith, we believe that by actively challenging and supporting one another, we can all grow to be smarter, stronger and more successful. The atmosphere of collaborative growth is noticeable the moment you enroll, but it doesn’t end when you graduate. Graduates of the online MBA program join a powerful network of more than 60,000 proud Smith alumni who rely on each other as friends, colleagues and professional contacts. Building Careers and Fostering Success.

It’s no accident that the Robert H. Smith School of Business was ranked #2 overall in “Career Services” by Bloomberg Businessweek. Providing support for students and alumni in their pursuit of uwaterloo 1123 career success is a focal point at career, the Smith School. We offer a wide range of services to help you grow as a professional – the same invaluable services that are provided to our on-campus students, including: Career coaching HireSmith online recruiting system and job database Internship assistance Resume and cover letter coaching Target job search management technology Networking Peer-to-peer mentoring Interview training, including mock interviews Evaluating and negotiating job offers Soft skill development. About the University of Maryland, College Park. The University of Maryland, College Park, is a public research university and the flagship campus of the University System of Maryland. Established in 1856, UMD is the original land-grant institution in etheses ca display the state.

It is one of only 62 members of the msc thesis Association of American Universities, an organization composed of the leading research universities in the United States and Canada. The University of Maryland is committed to achieving excellence as the state’s primary center for research and 1123 graduate education and the institution of choice for of essay type, undergraduate students of exceptional ability and promise. The University creates and applies knowledge for the benefit of the economy and culture of the uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 state, the region, the essay contest to win a house nation and etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123 beyond. As the flagship of the University System of Maryland, the University shares its research, educational, cultural and technological strengths with businesses, government and other educational institutions. The University advances knowledge, provides outstanding and innovative instruction and nourishes a climate of intellectual growth in a broad range of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary fields.

The Robert H. Smith School of Business is an internationally recognized leader in management education and the red pyramid book report research. One of 12 colleges and schools at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Smith School offers undergraduate degrees along with full-time, part-time MBA and online MBA, Executive MBA, Executive M.S., Ph.D. and Executive Education programs, as well as outreach services to the corporate community. The Smith School is at the forefront of creating, understanding and leveraging the modern world’s evolving business models. Our world-class faculty and research centers work to bring game-changing research into the classroom and the boardroom for etheses cfm ethesis_id, maximum impact. We immerse our students in the red book complex and evolving marketplaces where critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship are at the core of the enterprise. The Association to etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123 Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) provides internationally recognized, specialized accreditation for business and accounting programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. The AACSB accreditation standards challenge post-secondary educators to pursue excellence and continuous improvement throughout their business programs. AACSB accreditation is internationally known as the longest standing, most recognized form of specialized professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn.

Multiple years of professional experience strengthen an applicant’s profile and provide an important edge in the admissions process. A minimum of two years of work experience is highly recommended for importance type, consideration. An application is not considered complete unless it contains the applicant’s resume. There is one essay question and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 one optional question on the application. The Admissions Committee looks for well-written essays that clearly and thoughtfully answer each question. A non-refundable application fee of $75 is importance of essay, required. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id. Please pay by credit card as you submit your application online. The application Fee is waived for imagination is more than knowledge, UMD Terp alumni and Military students. A recommendation should be solicited from an individual who can objectively comment on an applicant’s performance in a professional environment. Only one recommendation letter is required with your application. A GMAT/GRE score report is required in the application for the Smith Online MBA Program.

A waiver may be considered if an applicant has demonstrated excellent quantitative and analytical skills through academic records and/or a successful career trajectory. Etheses Ca Display 1123. Please contact an enrollment advisor for additional information. For more information on the GMAT and to request an official score report, please visit For more information on the GRE and to to win request an official score report, please visit When requesting that a score report to be sent to the University of Maryland, please use the following institutional codes:

GMAT – Online MBA code is SQT-N8-32 ; GRE – Code is etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, 5814 for all programs. The online application allows you to upload a copy of the red book report your transcript(s) for each college or university attended. If the transcript where you received your degree does not state the degree was conferred, please also upload a diploma or copy of your degree received. If you are formally admitted to the University of Maryland, you will be required to submit an official transcript. If your transcript is not in English, please also upload a notarized copy of your transcript translated into 1123 English. The University of Maryland Graduate School requires all admitted students to have an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.00/4.00. The University of Maryland, College Park, requires any applicant who has not completed a university degree in a country in which English is the principal language (such as the accounting msc thesis United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand) to take the TOEFL.

You are strongly encouraged to include a photocopy of your TOEFL report with the application materials. The Admissions Committee will not review your file without the TOEFL. To view a list of countries exempt from taking the TOEFL exam please click here. All applicants must comply with this policy regardless of citizenship status, number of years residing in the United States, and instruction language of his or her university. Contact to etheses ca display 1123 request an official copy of your test scores to be sent to accounting the University of Maryland, College Park – institutional code 5814 . Note: All students, including international students, are required to attend two three day residencies scheduled at the beginning and etheses cfm ethesis_id the end of the poetics essay program on the University of etheses Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland. Essay Contest. The University of Maryland, College Park, cannot issue a Form I-20 or Form IAP-66 to etheses uwaterloo 1123 students enrolled in the online MBA program for the attendance of the on future career residencies. 2017 – 2018 Academic Year Tuition Fees. 1 There is no differentiation between in-state and etheses uwaterloo 1123 out-of-state tuition. The tuition covers curriculum, technology platform licensing and support, and room and board accommodations for the two required 3-day residency periods. Transportation to contest to win a house and from the Smith School for the residencies, as well as course books and materials, is not covered in the tuition or fees.

Tuition and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id fees are subject to change. 2 The University-mandated technology fee, is charged twice a year during the spring and is more important fall semesters. 3 Admitted applicants are required to submit a $1,000 non-refundable enrollment deposit to reserve a space in the class. Enrollment deposits will be applied as a credit towards the ca display first term tuition. There is a multitude of scholarships and msc thesis financial aid options available to help eligible students in paying some or all of the uwaterloo 1123 cost of their online MBA. Be sure to carefully review all financial aid resources to gain an poetics essay, understanding of uwaterloo ca display what options may be available to you. The Smith School of Business awards scholarships to a select number of applicants based on scholastic merit, professional accomplishment and evidence of leadership. Accounting. All applicants whose applications are complete by the application deadline receive automatic consideration.

Beginning with the etheses uwaterloo 1123 fall 2016 entry, a Double Terp Scholarship is available to alumni of the University of Maryland, College Park who are newly-admitted into the Smith Online MBA program. Be sure to indicate that you are a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park on your application for admission. The Smith School of Business has partnered with specific organizations to offer a scholarship and no application fee or enrollment deposit for their full-time employees and type their immediate family members who enroll in etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 the online MBA program. If you are employed by poetics essay, a partner organization and would like to ca display cfm ethesis_id learn more about this benefit, or would like to confirm if your organization has a partnership with Smith, please contact an enrollment advisor. Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may apply for on future career, Federal Student Loans through the Office of Student Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available online at etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123,; UMD-College Park’s FAFSA code is 002103 . After the FAFSA is received by the Office of Student Financial Aid, additional information specific to the individual student may be requested. When all application materials are received Federal loans are certified, and the student is notified. This notification process typically begins mid to late June. An application for aid has no bearing on the application for admittance to the program. The University of Maryland has a Veterans Program Office to assist military service members and pyramid book veterans in their educational pursuits.

Scholarship and VA benefit information can be found online. All students receiving financial aid must maintain certain academic standards during the program or else risk losing eligibility for funding. Click here to learn more about satisfactory academic progress requirements. 2018 Academic Year Submission Deadlines. The Smith online MBA program offers three entry points a year in January, May and September. If you’d like more information about the online MBA program, please contact an enrollment advisor or download a program brochure. Our military-friendly MBA program offers a number of uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id benefits for veterans and active members of the military in recognition of their service. We are dedicated to providing military personnel with special opportunities to ease the transition to academics and make a first-rate education readily attainable. To help you navigate the enrollment process and the procedures for securing government funding, we offer a dedicated military advocate to act as a personal agent for essay, military students.

This advocate will also help you communicate with companies and organizations throughout the corporate landscape after you graduate to help you find the right career opportunity. Other potential benefits for veterans and active military personnel include: Yellow Ribbon Program Participating Institution Benefits Waived application fees Merit-based scholarships for military/veteran students Veteran MBA alumni on staff to advise and advocate for military/veteran students VA education benefits Veteran-centered programming In-state tuition extended to uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 veteran residents of Maryland and soldiers stationed in MD. To learn more about the many opportunities available to veterans and military personnel through the UMD online MBA, please contact an enrollment advisor. Take the first step toward your Smith MBA. Complete this form to receive your free program brochure.

A top-ranked business school and MBA program place the University of Maryland among the best in the nation. The online MBA program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business is accredited by AACSB International. Lauren McConnell , Online MBA Student. “I chose Smith because when I researched other online MBA programs, it had the imagination knowledge gre essay most positive attributes: the flexibility to ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 stay home with my infant son while receiving a top-notch education, outstanding career service offerings …” read more. Eric Fisher , Online MBA Student. “I applaud the effort that the accounting msc thesis faculty and staff have put into really making it a personal feel and ca display 1123 getting that personal connection.” read more. James Cannon , Online MBA Student. “[The faculty] really care about what we’re learning and how we’re learning.

It’s not about how much information they can pile into a course. It’s about making sure that we actually understand everything that we’re being taught …” read more. Financial Aid Information Session. November 12, 2014 @ Noon ET. Engage with a financial aid specialist at UMD-Smith School and get your questions answered regarding submitting your financial aid, merit-based scholarships, payment plans and more. Call 1-877-807-8741 for important knowledge gre essay, details. Info Session: Student Panel Discussion.

Our recent Student Panel Discussion gathered current Smith online MBA students to share insights on their thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding the experiences in the program. Listen now. [News] Smith MBA Program Ranked 17th by etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, Businessweek. The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business has climbed from contest to win a house, 24th to 17th in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of etheses ca display full-time MBA programs. Is More Gre Essay. read more. [News] Online MBA Climbs Fast in Rankings. Less than one year after its January 2014 launch, the Smith Online MBA has earned a top-five ranking from a national publication. read more.

[Video] Online MBAs: The Next Frontier of etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 Higher Education. Less than one year after its January 2014 launch, the Smith Online MBA has earned a top-five ranking from a national publication. view video. [Infographic] 6 Inspiring Modern-Day Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs drive innovation and poetics essay make a tremendous impact in the world of business. Here are 6 inspiring modern-day entrepreneurs with the lessons you can learn from cfm ethesis_id 1123, their more.

Visit this page to view recent webinars, videos, infographics, Smith news articles and updates, and more. read more. Copyright Robert H. Smith School of essay to win a house Business, University of etheses Maryland, College Park, MD 20742.

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The Person Who Inspires Me Essays and Research Papers. Writing DR. Uwaterloo Ca Display? APJ ABDUL KALAM -the person who inspire me - What does someone do to . inspire you? To me , inspiration is the process of instilling faith in poetics essay someone to motivate him or her to do something. Many people do things simply out of the kindness in their heart, and do not realize they are inspiring others around them. To me , a news paper boy who is became an Indian scientist and also administrator who served as the 11th President of India, inspires me the most. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam , Bharat Ratna , Hurricane Katrina 1286 Words | 4 Pages. Still Have Any Reason to Live? By: darol_maranan_07 Name? Girolene Garcia.

Everyone calls me Gigi. To Win A House? Not only because it’s my first name, but . also becuse it’s what my initials spell out. 16 years of age. I guess it will end in that number. I’m about to die anyway. I shall cut myself with this razor, or maybe yet jump from the top of this establishment!

Do I still have any reason to live? Everyone sees me as worthless woman of this world. They say I have never done anythind good. Depressing, isn’t. 2007 singles , American films , Damnation 852 Words | 3 Pages. What does someone do to inspire you? To me , inspiration is the process of instilling faith in someone to motivate him or her to ca display, . Poetics Essay? do something.

Many people do things simply out of the kindness in etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 their heart, and do not realize they are inspiring others around them. To me , Audrey Hepburn: The Legendary Style Icon , The Brave War-Torn Child , The Woman Who Saved Lives, inspires me the most. I first saw Breakfast At Tiffany’s few years ago. And, that is when I was introduced to Audrey Hepburn. The.

Academy Award for Best Actress , Andrea Dotti , Audrey Hepburn 616 Words | 2 Pages. important to me ; they have encouraged me through good times and supported me through bad. My family has shaped . who I am today and has always been there for contest to win me . However they are divorced. I have a brother, also I have a lot of cousins. Out of all my family members, cousins etc., there is one I particularly look up to beyond all the rest, my brother Nick. Etheses Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? My brother Nick has been by my side since the day I was born, he has supported me and the red book, helped a lot since I came to America. He helped me learn English. Career , Electrical engineering , English-language films 441 Words | 2 Pages. Andre Hill September 30, 2010 3rd period The person that inspires me most is my mom. The reason I say this . is because she’s a strong black woman and she stands independently facing all odds. She inspires me to be the best I can be and to always give my all in whatever I’m doing.

Whenever I need something, all I have to do is ask and I know if it’s possible, she’ll provide it. It’s always been like that with her and uwaterloo 1123, not with just me , but all of poetics essay, my brothers. Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id? I think the poetics essay, reason we may act uncivilized. Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , English-language films , Family 602 Words | 2 Pages. my life and my sibling’s lives better. She love us unconditionally, I have become the person I am today because of her. I adore her very much, . not just because she is my mom, also such an amazing person with a gold heart, my best friend for life, an advisor, kind, respectful and strong person . Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123? I am not her only children, I have a big sister and a little brother but I am my mom’s favorite children. My mom taught me how to be kind and msc thesis, loving but not to allow others to take my kindness for weakness. Birth order , Crying , English-language films 752 Words | 2 Pages. An Important Person Who Give Me a New Heart. An important person who give me a new heart Before I knew this person and etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123, his songs, my life . was always focused on myself.

I was an poetics essay introverted person . Even though I can’t say that I am an ca display cfm ethesis_id extroverted person now, I really have had some big changes in importance of essay type recent years after I met him. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id? I got a new heart that I can use in a positive and optimistic way to face my life, and I really appreciate him. His name is poetics essay, Eason. Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123? There was a party day of accounting, our high school classmates after we graduated. I felt.

Concert , English-language films , Extraversion and introversion 1446 Words | 3 Pages. audience have in your topic? How will you make the etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, topic interesting to them? I detected some interest; mostly about what I am giving my speech on . because I didn't make it obvious in my poll. Some people might find talking about this controversial person interesting. C. The Red Pyramid Book Report? What is your audience’s attitude regarding your topic? How will you address that attitude in your speech?

The general audience's attitude is mixed. Almost no one is etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, offended by the gothic subculture, but almost everyone thinks. Bowling for Columbine , Charles Manson , Columbine High School 854 Words | 4 Pages. ?How Malala Inspires Me Malala Yousafzai is a girl who put up a fight against the Taliban at a very early age. Poetics Essay? I . personally identify with this as a young person who has been given rights as a result of the American Civil Rights Movement. Although I was not alive during this powerful movement, I realize as an African American male, if the Civil Rights Movement had not occurred, I too would not have equal opportunity to etheses 1123, education in America. I wonder if I presented the essay to win, same circumstances as Malala. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Democratic Party 1079 Words | 4 Pages. Each person that I have known has taught me something, but a significant amount of what I have learnt and implemented has come . from my mom.

The fact that my mom has had the greatest influence on me is simply because she is the person who has taught me to be responsible for myself, something which has also helped me to discover who I really am. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id? Her sense of poetics essay, independence is an etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id aspect that has had a profound effect on type questions, me ; I believe that independence opens up many opportunities because it requires that. 2006 albums , Individual responsibility , Learning 491 Words | 2 Pages. Doctor temperance bones brennan is someone who inspired me so much in my life. She has changed my life. Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? She made me . Imagination Knowledge? become a hardworking person .i became a rational person because of her.

She told us not to let our emptions cloud our mind. We should make our decision ourself. We should follow the trail of evidence before jump to the conclusion. Etheses 1123? Her never give up attitude inspired me to essay on future career, continue strive to achieve success. Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? she is a successful forensic anthropology she is so pretty. Of Essay Type Questions? she is so clever . Bones , Fictional doctors , Philosophy 606 Words | 3 Pages. There are so many people who have influenced my life, but the person that stands out the most is my grandmother. I call her my . Nee because I couldn’t say “Grandma” when I started talking. She always is a happy person every time I see her; she always tries to make herself a better person no matter what. I look up to her every day, and I want to grow up and uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, be respected like she is. She has influenced me by her actions to respect elders, respect my parents, and the most important one is to pyramid book report, always have. 2006 singles , Debut albums , Family 797 Words | 2 Pages.

The Man Who Influenced Me ! I chose to write about cfm ethesis_id, my father for my influence paper. Essay? My father was not only my best . friend, but also my parent. He has influenced me in more than just one way. He was a very respectable, loving, caring, happy individual and ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, loved life. Although he passed away when I was fourteen years old it does not change the imagination is more than knowledge gre essay, fact that he still influences me to this day. I can remember a lot about my father although I was pretty young when he died. Uwaterloo Ca Display? . 1996 albums , American films , English-language films 609 Words | 3 Pages. Influential For each and contest, every one of us, there has been at least one person who has influenced us. It can be a family member, . Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display? a friend, or a teacher. On Future Career? It doesn’t necessarily always have to uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, do with doing better all the essay on future career, time, it can also be bad influence as well. I chose good influential people, which is my father, my 5th grade teacher, and my best friend Junior.

Although it can be anyone, those are the three people that have influenced me to do better in my life more than anyone else has. My mother, my. 2002 albums , Debut albums , Education 1253 Words | 3 Pages. the Person Who has Influence me My father is the most person influences . me in etheses uwaterloo 1123 my life. Of Essay? My father assisted me so much to know what is going on uwaterloo ca display, around me . As a child my father was my dictionary or my source. He made me feel free to importance of essay type, ask him any question in 1123 my head like how airplanes fly? So my father is the most person influence me because he raised me up, educate me , and planned my future. My influence me because he is a successful business man who direct his own company. 2007 singles , Businesspeople , Future 441 Words | 2 Pages. 07-09-2014 A person who influenced me or whom I admire When reflecting on personal influences . in my life, no one has had a greater impact than my father. He is and always continues to be a positive role model as a father.

He always stands by my side, and whenever I fall down, he encourages me to stand up by myself and on of essay, my own feet. He has a huge impact on the way I become a person today. He has influenced my life by teaching me the lessons and showing me the right behavior and. 2006 albums , Critical thinking , Debut albums 404 Words | 1 Pages. have met different people who have made impacts on my life.

My parents gave me life and brought me up to be a . positive and grateful girl and their devotion to their jobs set good examples for me in my study; my uncle, Cheng, has shown and taught me how to ca display, be a successful businessman, even life has many ups and downs, but the only way to overcome the difficulties are to imagination is more knowledge, work hard and never give up; my first English teacher, Emma Wu, got me interested in English and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, inspired me to study English, therefore. Family , Grandma Moses , Grandparent 509 Words | 2 Pages. My Journey towards good life amp; the the red pyramid, fully functioning person As mentioned in the hand out “That good life is not a fixed state”, it is a . Etheses Ca Display? PROCESS, it is a ‘direction not a destination’. A good life according to me and my experiences comes under the process: 1. An Increasing Openness to Experience. 2. Increasingly Existential living. Importance Questions? The two above processes fit right with my life. Just to give a brief back ground here I must state how I was before the two characteristics. My father played.

2007 albums , Abraham Maslow , Accept 1216 Words | 3 Pages. There are those mysterious strangers who seem to creep into your heart in the quiet, dead moments of the night. They’re the people that . Etheses Uwaterloo? sometimes place their hands on your heart and refuse to remove it till the lesson you need is pyramid book, learned, regardless of etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, if they are still there. So, when a silent boy slipped into accounting my life I had no idea he would impact me in the most awe-inspiring, life-changing way. The linemen stood in etheses uwaterloo ca display a precise line straight across the dying grass, staring down their opponents. Boy , Dream , Pearl Jam 1179 Words | 3 Pages. WHO IS A GOOD PERSON ? A good person is poetics essay, someone who is sincere and uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, loyal,but not selfish. A . person is someone who has a positive attitude and respects for oneself as well as others. Poetics Essay? A good person should be evaluated by criteria of his/her characteristics, intellect, thoughts, emotions and behaviours, but not his/her physical appearence, religious belief or ethnic origin. Firstly, being altruistic is one of the most important qualities.

Altruism is selfless helping. Someone helps. Emotion , Good and evil , Intelligence 1005 Words | 3 Pages. Inspire: Family and Fairly Positive Life. The Person Who Has Inspired Me Most Everyone needs to be inspired and having others inspire you . Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? can only have positive effects. Its one of life's win win things.

By doing or saying things that inspire others we ourselves benefit, as we are giving rather than receiving, which as I see it, makes us all better people. Also, those we inspire benefit and hopefully go on to inspire others. It can only be good thing for msc thesis society as a whole when we are inspired by others and we ourselves are an inspiration. English-language films , Family , Father 1198 Words | 3 Pages. and having others inspire you can only etheses uwaterloo ca display, have positive effects. Its one of life's win win things.

By acting in ways that inspire . others we ourselves benefit, as we are giving rather than receiving. Pyramid? Also, those we inspire benefit and hopefully go on to inspire others in turn. It can only be good thing for society as a whole when we are inspired by others and are ourselves an inspiration to ohers. So who has inspired me ? Well, as a young person there were many people who inspired me . Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? I didn't have a. Civil rights movement , COINTELPRO , Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 726 Words | 2 Pages. ?ANY REAL LIFE EVENT OF MOTIVATING PEOPLE IN ANY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD Success story of a dish washer who became a dosa king. (prem . Importance Of Essay Questions? ganapathy) Name-aakanksha shaw Roll no.-51 M com department Introduction The book “Connect the Dots” tells the stories of 20 regular people who became entrepreneurs and made a go of it. Uwaterloo 1123? Connect the knowledge, Dots makes it a point to focus on entrepreneurs who did not have a formal management education.The message to ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, young readers is clear — you don’t need to be from. Boy , Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus , Maharashtra 1363 Words | 4 Pages. The Person Who Influenced Me Most. the leadership, but I was also a person who knows how to essay on future plans, listen and etheses, do what it is contest to win, asked to be done but in 1123 the best way possible. . Is More Gre Essay? Although I am not a red, and instead I am a blue, I truly agree that blue describes me the most due to that now; I am more matured about my decisions. When I was a little girl, at the age of 4 or 5, I have always been influenced of etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id, my father’s steps in life.

He is a man who loves the sportsmanship and is strongly a red color person . I have join sports since I was. Color , Father , Girl 856 Words | 2 Pages. Christopher Alcala Professor Prince English 101 September 5, 2012 Celebrities Can . Inspire Too I have never spoken to her in person , nor met her in person . Even though this is true, I still have a connection with her, and poetics essay, ever since I have been introduced to her, she has inspired me to ca display cfm ethesis_id, do something with my life and to to win, not give up, and I can say that she has changed my life for the better. Furthermore, she is uwaterloo ca display 1123, exceptionally famous. 2009 MTV Video Music Awards , 52nd Grammy Awards , Debut albums 1351 Words | 3 Pages. confident, and essay contest to win a house, also relating topics to etheses uwaterloo 1123, our personal experiences. Book? For example, during my first speech in etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id my speech calss, I remember seeing some people . who lacked the confidence and also not been prepared when they were giving their speeches. at first, the speakers threw me off half way through the speech but as time went on importance of essay type questions, they managed to get me back on track. finally, previewing your main idea is also an important material that helps or gives the listeners the idea of what the. Audience , English-language films , Language 830 Words | 3 Pages. this is happening or why did this happen to me ? How about looking back at past events and wondering how your life would be if that didn’t . Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? happen?

I do it all the time, when I look back and see why and than, where I am today thanks to etheses uwaterloo, everything that happened in the past. The Red? This belief is very helpful to me because it helps me look at ca display the bright side of contest to win, thing and it creates a positive attitude for me . I have had many experiences with my belief which has lead me to believe that there is ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, a reason behind it. 2004 singles , 2007 singles , English-language films 1043 Words | 3 Pages. The Past That Made Me Who I Am Today. a story about who he or she is and how he or she got themselves where they are today. Book? Lives are complicated they all have a past, a present . and a future.

What lies ahead in the future we do not know, but one thing is even though the past can affect you, the past does not make who you are in 1123 the future. I am 29 years old, I residing in Montana; I was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. After I turned one my mother decided, it was best to leave mother father. She explained to me as I was older. English-language films , Family , Father 2448 Words | 6 Pages. world has someone who means a lot to them. For me , the most important person in my life is my mom.

My mom has . inspired me in many ways. She is report, always guiding me to do the right thing; she supports me and my decisions and ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, tells me to believe in myself. Accounting Msc Thesis? Therefore, my mom is the uwaterloo 1123, most important person for importance type me . The word “mother” means everything to uwaterloo ca display, me . I remember when I was little I would always be with my mom and she would always take care of me when I got sick. She taught me how to speak, read. 2008 albums , Emotion , English-language films 489 Words | 2 Pages. The Person Who Most Influenced Me. The person has most influenced my life It is easy to the red book, say that a parent has had the most influence on your life, they taught you how to . Etheses 1123? walk, talk, drink and among many other things hopefully right from importance of essay questions wrong. A good parent is there for you most of your life, quick to lend a hand or offer advice (unless it’s your mother-in-law) when needed, but the trait that impacted my life the most was the integrity my father exhibited with me and the people lucky enough to have met him.

My Father was. American films , English-language films , Family 870 Words | 2 Pages. to manually refresh Group Policy settings on a particular computer. 4. Etheses? Tattooing refers to a Group Policy setting that is not removed when the GPO . setting reverts to poetics essay, Not Configured. 5. You would audit account logon events to determine who is authenticating against uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id your Active Directory domain controllers. 6. Poetics Essay? Each Active Directory domain controller acts as a(n) to enable the distribution of Kerberos tickets. 7. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? folder redirection Key distribution center allows you to configure a user's. Active Directory , Computer software , File system 1374 Words | 7 Pages. the most important person in my life. Most Important Person - mother Essay By: Sezan Vahpieva Other Tags: Most, Important, Person , Mother I think . mother, is the most important person in life, for everyone.

Submitted:Feb 17, 2012 Reads: 44,452 Comments: 4 Likes: 1 Most Important Person : By: Sezan Vahpieva I think the most important person in my life is my mother. The reason why I chose my mother is on future career, because she is really all I have, she is my motivation, and etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, she helps me live through all. 2008 singles , English-language films , Essay 946 Words | 4 Pages. The person who made my life today. The person who has made a lasting impression on essay career, me My grandfather has made a lasting impression on my life and . has truly made an impact on my life and has made me the person I am today. Even though he has passed away, he will always remain my best friend, mentor, and my favorite grandpa.

He has taught me more than any amount of schooling ever could. 1993 was the year I was born. I was growing up with a huge lovely family in Takeo province, Cambodia. Perhaps I was so little that’s why I don’t. 2002 singles , 2007 albums , Accept 1301 Words | 3 Pages. The Person Who Influenced Me the etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, Most. The person that get to know us best, from on future career plans our virtues to flaws, are our parents. They have the greatest influence in etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id our life because they are . the people we see the poetics essay, most and have known for the longest. They sacrifice many luxuries in cfm ethesis_id 1123 order to on future plans, give their children the best life possible. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display? My father has had a huge impact on contest a house, my life and it is because of uwaterloo, him that I am the person I am today.

Most people say I am a lot like my dad, both physically and mentally. Accounting? We both have the same mannerism, facial expressions. Dyslexia , Family , Father 759 Words | 2 Pages. What Made Me the Person that I Am? What made me the person I am There are several factors, which have contributed immensely to the individual characteristics, . Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? which I possess. According to Haralambos and Holborn (1995), socialization is the process by which individuals learn the culture, the guidelines that direct conduct in to win particular situations (norms) and the values of their society.

My family, which was my primary agent of socialization, set the etheses 1123, positive foundation for developing my identity during my childhood (although initially. Accept , Education , Family 1517 Words | 4 Pages. thought the book, road will bend Until this very second And what lovely memories I still live in I remember all the fights we had everyday And in uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id the end . Msc Thesis? telling nay It is an honor to have known you Esprit de corps new You were noble And gave me respect which is humble You were always an obelisk by uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 my side Even by book the rising tide Remember the Golf, Tennis and Basketball You never had a bad call But at last I would like to tell you “you were as helpful as a beaver we are friends. Education , Guru , Hinduism 732 Words | 3 Pages. The Person Who Changes My Perception About Writing. Alvinston anak Henry Stephen Ms Bobbi Olsen ENGL 150-Writing: Rhetoric The Person who Changes My Perception about Writing . Writing is etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, one of the medium that people use to communicate and poetics essay, express their ideas to other people.

It has already been used since prehistoric time even though it is cfm ethesis_id 1123, just through drawing but it has helped human to understand what has happened during that time and imagination is more than knowledge gre essay, slowly after billions of years we have advanced to this globalized world that enable us to etheses uwaterloo 1123, write in many different. Creative writing , Essay , Linguistics 1804 Words | 4 Pages. Someone who motivates me . Motivation is the reason we get out of bed in poetics essay the morning instead of sleeping all day. It is etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, what . The Red Book Report? drives us to get to work or the gym and work harder, smarter, and more efficiently than the day before. Motivation is the reason that great ideas are turned into great accomplishments. Motivation is what drives us to get things done! When a person plans or wants to do something, he or she has a motivation for that specific thing. Etheses Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? In other words, when a person does something. Choice , Mother , Motivation 534 Words | 2 Pages.

recommend CDs by Florence + the essay, Machine, Hawk Nelson and LMFAO. FROM OUR READERS Essay contest: Who do you admire? Our essay contest . winners wrote about a brother who is gay, a mom who works hard and an inspiring wife. Letters to the editor (March – April 2012) These are letters we received about stories that appeared in the January – February 2012 issue of L.A. Youth. Essay contest: Who do you admire? My brother was courageous for coming out 1st Place $50 Author’s name withheld . 2008 singles , Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , Coming out 1123 2173 Words | 7 Pages. children and adolescent within the peer group? 3. How does one acquire the ability of “selling” oneself to others and make friends? The self – . who we are and essay contest, who we think we are – plainly influences social interactions. Etheses? But the poetics essay, reverse is also true, and there is 1123, no question that the is more than knowledge gre essay, social world influences – and some would say, defines – who we think we are. Each of us is influenced by how others treat us and how they respond to our actions.

Their behavior causes us to adjust our social role. Adolescence , Behavior , Friendship 2189 Words | 7 Pages. My idea of etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, leadership is being able to inspire others, motivate, set a vision, communicate, respect others, and poetics essay, of course, lead by etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id example. A . leader must have an honest understanding of who they are, what they know, and what they are capable of. To be a successful leader, you have to be able to convince your followers, not just yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed. In my opinion, this can build confidence in their followers to poetics essay, have faith in you, in order to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, be able to. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 906 Words | 3 Pages. food and gathering nuts and berries cannot support large numbers of people, they had to roam wildly for food, and is more than knowledge gre essay, two people required 1 square mile. Speech . Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display? developed in homo erectus about of essay, 100,000 years ago Why rituals? To lesson the etheses uwaterloo, fear of death Who played a prominent role in essay to win religious panthen?

Goddess Know culture definition 2 discoveries that facilitated the spread of Paleolithic groups throughout the uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, world? Fire and imagination is more important knowledge gre essay, use of animal skin for clothing bc of colder climates 5 differences that. Agriculture , Civilization , Human 878 Words | 4 Pages. The Event That Made Me Who I Am As I grew up my father was gone about six months out of the year, serving as a sailor in the . Uwaterloo? United States Navy. Growing up all I wanted was to be more and more like my father. He would to tell me stories about some of the training missions that he went on, about msc thesis, how he and his unit would play war games with the etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, Navy seals. He would tell me stories about accounting, some of the actual missions he was on, some of the places he had been, and some of the things that he had. Afghanistan , International Security Assistance Force , Kandahar 890 Words | 3 Pages.

A Teacher Who Influenced in My Life. greatest joy is seeing his/her students have success. Cfm Ethesis_id? These are the first words that came out of the mouth of Mr. James Glennon on the first day of pyramid, class. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123? A . man who can be considered ancient, with his white hair and thick rectangular glasses stood in front of the classroom with a commanding presence. At first, he was frightening to importance questions, me , but in etheses uwaterloo ca display the coming days I noticed his personable character. Type Questions? Not all students come to school excited to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, learn, but Glennon is the type of teacher that has the ability. Certified teacher , Education , English-language films 1536 Words | 4 Pages. ?WIDE READING #4 TITLE: The Best of report, Me DIRECTOR: Michael Hoffman GENRE: Film “The Best of Me ,” directed by Michael Hoffman is etheses, a . thought provoking, bittersweet movie about imagination important, Dawson who returns to cfm ethesis_id 1123, his hometown for the first time in twenty years to carry out the last wishes of essay a house, his treasured friend and surrogate father Tuck who passed away. Dawson is surprised to uwaterloo 1123, find that Tuck has arranged for importance questions Dawson’s high school girlfriend Amanda, to join him in ca display 1123 fulfilling these last wishes.

In fact, it soon becomes. Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , Dawson Island , Debut albums 1932 Words | 3 Pages. Two Successful Business People Who Inspire Me. Two Successful Business People Who Inspire Me Success is something that we all aspire to. We cannot feel . genuinely happy for long if we felt like a failure within.

The most encouraging reality about success is that it is attainable to pyramid book report, all irrespective of who we are what we are or where we are. Success also has a different meaning for each one of us. Success being a personal realization should logically be achievable by uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id all, but we know that this is not really so. Most of us are unable to important than knowledge, accomplish. Bill Melinda Gates Foundation , Bill Gates , Business magnate 690 Words | 2 Pages. In What Ways Might Christian Teachings Help People Who Are Suffering? teachings give to people in need. The prime example of uwaterloo 1123, suffering in imagination than the bible is etheses uwaterloo ca display 1123, that of Jesus. He suffered the ultimate sacrifice of death to save mankind . from death for their sins. This gives a comparison for someone who is suffering; it shows that however bad the suffering of that person is it is msc thesis, nothing compared to the suffering felt by Jesus.

The bible also says that we should be happy that we are suffering just as Jesus did, ‘be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings so that you will. Bible , Christianity , God 2173 Words | 5 Pages. Net Chatboard: Look What A Student Wrote Me ! Posted by anonymous Dear ***********, It's the uwaterloo, end of the msc thesis, school year! It's a time that . I would normally be so anxiously awaiting; but not any more. For I know that by summer simply coming, I end up losing two of my greatest friends. You are one of etheses uwaterloo ca display, them, and I'm pretty sure you can figure out the other. The impact that you have had on me this year is than gre essay, inexplicable.

You have affected and changed me in so many ways that it's hard to single a. 2002 albums , 2005 singles , 2006 albums 1613 Words | 5 Pages. Around Me You have a four-fold life to live: a body, a brain, a heart and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, a soul . Accounting Msc Thesis? . Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? . these are your living tools. To use and report, develop . Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id? them is not a task. . . Msc Thesis? . It is a golden opportunity. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display? This is a quote from my favorite book, I Dare You. The book is about striving to be your best in everything you do, this particular quote is talking about the main keys of life, and these keys can be obtained through sports. I am an athlete. Plans? I run track and I play basketball. Sports are important to me because. ARIA Charts , Basketball , High school 1140 Words | 3 Pages.

The Real Hero? By: Braxton Rogalski Throughout the reading of ca display cfm ethesis_id, this book I would have to say the contest to win a house, two characters mainly followed in this story “Kurtz” and . Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id? “Marlow” struggle between who is the real protagonist. Contest To Win? Even though to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, story clearly depicts Marlow as the essay to win, protagonist it still push you to etheses uwaterloo ca display, feel for Kurtz and essay contest a house, makes you try to justify his decisions and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id, actions to make him be better then what he is in the reading. Poetics Essay? Marlow is this guy sent to drive a steam boat in the uncivilized jungles of etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, Africa. Heart of Darkness , James Earl Jones , Knowledge 1021 Words | 3 Pages. Things to consider person centred to the individual Things I would like to learn For example writing, cooking, swimming learning about pyramid book report, a . Etheses Uwaterloo? chosen subject. Essay Contest A House? Work, training, day time activities What I would like to etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, do during the day; would I like to imagination important gre essay, go to etheses uwaterloo 1123, college if so what course would I be interested in pyramid report doing, interests, voluntary work, community activities. Having fun Holidays, places to go, leisure, hobbies, interests and uwaterloo ca display 1123, how would I get there.

Communication How should people communicate. Communication , Learning , Leisure 1323 Words | 6 Pages. ? Person Centered Therapy: A Humanistic Approach to Care Person Centered Therapy: A . Humanistic Approach to Care A humanistic approach to care can also be viewed as an accounting existentialist view. Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? According to Corey (2009), as humans we are capable of self-awareness, which is the distinctive capacity that allows us to reflect and to decide. In person centered/humanistic therapy the nurse utilizes communication that ensures each individual experiences the accounting, presence.

Human , Morality , Nurse 1178 Words | 4 Pages. Someone Who Inspires Me Have you ever known someone that has made a great impact on your life or is uwaterloo ca display, of great . importance to important knowledge gre essay, you? Has that someone been there through all the good and ca display, the bad situations in your life? I am so proud to say that I can answer “yes” to all those questions. The special person that I can say inspires me the most is my father. He loves me through even the roughest of storms in my life and his. When my dad has had a rough day he still comes home happy just for my family. English-language films , Family , Father 1007 Words | 3 Pages. The person who can drive me crazy. ?Anh-Thu Nguyen Francis Williams ENGL 1301 Feb 11, 2015 The person who can drive me crazy I always try to be nice . with everyone. And that personality sometime brings me many problems.

One of things that made me regret the importance of essay type questions, most was accepted my classmate, Ivy, became my roommate. She might be a nice person when we just study in the same class and ca display 1123, meet couple hours a day. But, everything was different when we live together. I recognized that she was not the one I thought anymore. She changed in negative. Britney Spears , Classmates , Complaint 550 Words | 3 Pages.

The Who : Quadrophenia Tour One November 1, 2012 The Who reunited on tour to of essay type questions, perform their rock opera, Quadrophenia. . Quadrophenia was released in 1973, so almost 40 years later they are showing it again. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123? I first heard of the imagination important than knowledge gre essay, tour in mid-summer and got my tickets soon after. The day of the concert could not come soon enough. Etheses Uwaterloo? Once the career plans, 16th came I was overly excited. The doors opened at seven so I made sure to etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, get there right on time. Msc Thesis? The concert was taking place at the . To get there I had to. John Entwistle , Keith Moon , Lifehouse 1127 Words | 3 Pages.

Hero: A Person With Courage, Integrity, and uwaterloo ca display, Gratitude. ?A hero is a person admired for their courage, integrity, and gratitude. Is More Than Gre Essay? This person puts away self-desires to make others happy . in difficult situations or circumstances. There are many different types of heroes because of how one may describe the person they look to as one. A lot of times people look up to uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, those who do the impressive, noticeable deeds as heroic, but oversee those who do small, yet significant acts in life. Accounting Msc Thesis? If the small acts change someone’s life for the better that is a hero as. American films , Hero 1257 Words | 3 Pages. A creative person is someone who uses their imagination and intuition to create something new or to 1123, make changes to something . that already exists.

Creative people have many attributes such as openness to new experiences, observance, curiosity, personal freedom, a willingness to take risks, self reliance, persistence and the freedom from is more important knowledge fear of failure. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are the two most commonly used methods of creative motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to etheses ca display 1123, motivation that. Cognition , Creativity , Educational psychology 789 Words | 3 Pages. These so called friends who let me down. ?These so called friends who let me down Who made me feel as though I would drown? My heart was . broken, like a death to imagination is more than, grieve, These friends of mine, set out to deceive.

We had been friends for etheses 1123 many years, With much laughter, fun and tears, We'd had good times, but that was past, Like many things they did not last. They did not invite me , The hurt they caused, They did not ring or call, I think that just about say's it all. In my awful dark despair, I really thought they would care, A note, a. Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , English-language films , Friends 544 Words | 1 Pages. small voice of conscience.” Those words came from a man who made his life on truth and essay on future career, simplicity. Cfm Ethesis_id? Gandhi was a man who seen . that at the bottom of poetics essay, every religion they are all the same. He tried to show the 1123, world that nonviolence and peace is accounting msc thesis, mightier than the most powerful weapon. Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123? Gandhi’s natural will and determination to show the world what we all could do inspires me to do my best. Type? When I dedicate myself to uwaterloo ca display 1123, something that interests me , I put all I can into it to succeed. When I do the absolute. 2002 albums , 2006 albums , 2008 singles 516 Words | 2 Pages.

writing- who has inspired you? (Essay) Everyone in this world has someone that inspires them. Contest A House? They think that this specific . person is inspirational and they look up to uwaterloo ca display, them. Everyone has an inspirational idol, celebrity, family member, friend, teacher (. Etc) no matter what. I personally have a lot of people that I look up to and think of as an inspirational person . But the two people who inspire me the essay to win a house, most are my parents. Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id? First of all, my mom is one of the two great people who inspire me . The reason.

2008 albums , Debut albums , English-language films 515 Words | 1 Pages.

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10 steps to linking PowerPoint slides. Build a little navigation into your slide shows by putting PowerPoint action buttons and etheses cfm ethesis_id, links to importance work. Uwaterloo 1123! There are two easy ways to connect slides to one another: action buttons and is more important knowledge, links. Etheses 1123! Action buttons are AutoShape objects that link to other slides, play sounds, and perform other specific tasks. Msc Thesis! Users simply click the ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 button to execute the actions. The user-friendly display of action buttons makes them a natural for self-running presentations. Links include hyperlinks and actions.

They let users link to other slides, files, and even web pages. The Red Pyramid Book! In this article, we'll add several action buttons and links for easy maneuverability. Note: You can download the demo files for these techniques if you want to see them in action. The jump from the menu slide to etheses ca display 1123 the appropriate informational slide is easy work for an action link. To add a link that jumps to on future career the instructions slide when clicked, do the etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 following: Click the Instructions arrow (AutoShape). If you click inside the text, PowerPoint will add a hyperlink style (underscore) to the text. If you click the border, it won't.

In PowerPoint 2003, choose Hyperlink from the Insert menu and skip to step 6. Click the Insert tab. Click the imagination is more important than Action option in the Links group. In the resulting dialog, click the Hyperlink To option. The default setting in the drop-down is Next Slide. Choose Slide, as shown in Figure B , from the drop-down. Cfm Ethesis_id! In the next dialog, choose General Instructions as shown in Figure C . Click OK twice. Choose Slide to essay a house link to another slide in the presentation. Select the slide you want to link to from the Instructions arrow. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id! You just linked the first arrow to the General Instructions slide. Action links are an easy way to link an existing object, in this case, the arrow AutoShape.

Repeat step 2, adding an action link to both of the remaining arrows: Apply: How To Apply Status: How To Check Your Status. You'll probably want to check the links before you continue. Press [F5] and click one of the arrows to jump to poetics essay its corresponding informational slide. Press [Esc] to return to Normal view. Repeat this step to check all three links. The arrow action links jump to specific slides, but there's no way to ca display 1123 get back to the home menu slide. You can only click through the remaining slides. That's where action buttons come in. The Red Pyramid Book! Add an action button to the General Instructions slide as follows: Select the General Instructions slide.

Click the Insert tab. In PowerPoint 2003, choose Action Buttons from the AutoShapes drop-down (on the etheses cfm ethesis_id Drawing toolbar) and skip to step 4. From the Shapes drop-down (in the Illustrations group), choose the action button (bottom of the gallery) with the accounting house, shown in Figure D . Click and drag near the right-bottom corner of the etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 slide to insert the button. The Red Book Report! When PowerPoint displays the etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id Action Settings dialog, choose Slide from the Hyperlink To drop-down. Poetics Essay! Notice that First Slide is the default. In this case, that seems like an appropriate choice because the home menu slide is the first page in the presentation. We'll discuss why it's the wrong choice in a moment. Choose Slide 1. PowerPoint uses the contents of a slide's Title placeholder as the slide's name.

Because this slide doesn't have a title, PowerPoint references its position. Click OK twice. In step 5, choosing First Slide might not be the right choice. If you add a slide to ca display the beginning of the presentation, the action button will link to the new first slide. Using the default is contest fine, as long as the presentation's first slide is your true destination, even if the first slide changes. There are several action buttons.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with them and their functions, so you can put them to work. They're all just as easy to implement and use as the home button is. Using the instructions in #5, add an action button to both the How To Apply and How To Check Your Status slides. Link those action buttons to the menu slide (Slide 1). Or simply copy the button from the General Instructions slide to the other two slides. Both methods will work; copying a button is a bit quicker. 7: Add the action button to the slide master. You can create individual action buttons as needed. You can even copy a completed button, as mentioned in #6.

Sometimes you'll want the same action button on every slide. When this is the case, you can add the action button to etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 the slide master as follows: Click the View tab. In PowerPoint 2003, choose Master from the Insert menu, select Slide Master, and skip to step 3. In the Master Views group, click Slide Master. Repeat the instructions in #5 to add an action button to pyramid the slide master. Click the Slide Master tab. Click Close Master View. When you return to Normal view, you'll find the action button you added to etheses uwaterloo 1123 the master on every slide in the presentation. (You don't have to complete this step now.) Test the action buttons by pressing [F5], clicking a menu link to access another slide, and then using the Home action button to return to the menu slide.

Check all three action buttons before you continue. The default setting will link to the last slide in the presentation. Similar to the situation we discussed in #5, you can specify a different slide, one that isn't literally the poetics essay last slide. What matters is the button's visual clue to the user. Users will recognize the button's icon and ca display, understand that clicking it will take them to the last slide they need to importance of essay type view . It doesn't matter to them or the show's progression whether that slide is actually the last one in the presentation. After completing the first End action button, copy it to the apply and status slides. Links can access other slides, other files, and web pages. A link can even display a default email window and fill in the address.

To illustrate, let's add one final link to the presentation: Select the end slide. Click the Insert tab. In PowerPoint 2003, this option's on the Drawing toolbar. Etheses Cfm Ethesis_id! Draw a Text Box control (in the Text group) on the slide. Enter the text shown in Figure F . Select the name Susan Harkins. With the name selected, click Hyperlink in the Links group. In PowerPoint 2003, choose Hyperlink from the Insert menu.

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Case#x02013;Control Study of Blood Lead Levels and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Chinese Children. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and lead exposure are high-prevalence conditions among children. Our goal was to investigate the cfm ethesis_id, association between ADHD and the red pyramid report, blood lead levels (BLLs) in Chinese children, adjusting for known ADHD risk factors and potential confounding variables. We conducted a pair-matching case#x02013;control study with 630 ADHD cases and 630 non-ADHD controls 4#x02013;12 years of age, matched on etheses the same age, sex, and socioeconomic status. The case and control children were systematically evaluated via structured diagnostic interviews, including caregiver interviews, based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , 4th ed., revised criteria (DSM-IV-R). Accounting Msc Thesis. We evaluated the association between BLLs and ADHD using the Pearson chi-square test for categorical variables and the Student t -test for continuous data. We then performed conditional multiple variables logistic regression analyses with backward stepwise selection to predict risk factors for ADHD. There was a significant difference in BLLs between ADHD cases and controls. ADHD cases were more likely to etheses uwaterloo 1123, have been exposed to lead during childhood than the non-ADHD control subjects, with adjustment for other known risk factors [children with BLLs #x02265; 10 #x003bc;g/dL vs. #x02264; 5 #x003bc;g/dL; OR = 6.0; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 4.10#x02013;8.77, p #x0003c; 0.01; 5#x02013;10 #x003bc;g/dL vs.#x02264; 5 #x003bc;g/dL, OR = 4.9; 95% CI = 3.47#x02013;6.98, p #x0003c; 0.01]. These results were not modified by age and sex variables.

This was the largest sample size case#x02013;control study to date to study the association between BLLs and ADHD in Chinese children. Pyramid Report. ADHD may be an additional deleterious outcome of lead exposure during childhood, even when BLLs are #x0003c; 10 #x003bc;g/dL. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is etheses 1123 one of the most common childhood psychiatric disorders, characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity [American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2000; Biederman and Faraone 2005; Rappley 2005; Remschmidt 2005]. Prevalence of ADHD in children has been reported to the red book, be 3#x02013;8% worldwide (Froehlich et al. Cfm Ethesis_id. 2007; Leung et al. 1996; Remschmidt 2005). Children who have ADHD are at accounting msc thesis increased risk for etheses 1123 conduct disorder, antisocial behavior, and contest a house, drug abuse later in life (Satterfield et al. 2007).

Moreover, the costs associated with their medical care and education are substantial (Leibson et al. 2001). Although the causes of ca display 1123 ADHD remain unclear, both genetic and environmental factors are thought to influence the report, etiology of ADHD (Banerjee et al. 2007; Biederman and Faraone 2005; Castellanos and Tannock 2002; Millichap 2008; Remschmidt 2005; Swanson et al. 2007). Family, twin, and adoption studies have demonstrated high heritability, and various polymorphisms of dopamine-related genes have been found to increase susceptibility to ADHD (Castellanos and etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, Tannock 2002; Durston 2003; Khan and Faraone 2006). Furthermore, many environmental risk factors and potential gene#x02013;environment interactions have also been shown to increase the risk for the disorder (Banerjee et al. 2007; Biederman and Faraone 2005; Millichap 2008; Thapar et al. Essay To Win. 2007).

Indeed, there is growing interest in etheses ca display studying the the red pyramid report, relationship between chronic heavy metal toxicity, including lead exposure, and etheses uwaterloo ca display, ADHD (Braun et al. 2006; Konofal and Cortese 2007; Millichap 2008; Nigg et al. 2008). Lead is one of the well-established environmental poisons, and its general toxic effects, particularly in children, continue to pyramid book report, be a major public health issue worldwide [American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2005; Lidsky and etheses, Schneider 2003; Needleman 2004]. Poetics Essay. It is well known that lead can cause cognitive impairment and correlate with decreased IQ scores and impaired attention (Canfield et al. Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. 2003; Koller et al. 2004), and increased BLLs were associated with higher distractibility and impulsiveness scores in the affected children (Needleman 1993). The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that child blood lead levels (BLLs) not exceed 10 #x003bc;g/dL (CDC 1991; WHO 1995). As a result of rapid industrialization in China, it is important estimated that tens of uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id millions of children 1#x02013;18 years of age have BLLs #x02265; 10 #x003bc;g/dL (Huo et al. 2007; Ren et al. 2006; Wang and Zhang 2006). Msc Thesis. Furthermore, several recent studies have shown that cognitive deficits and behavioral problems in children still exist even with BLLs #x0003c; 10 #x003bc;g/dL (Binns et al. Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id. 2007; Braun et al. 2006; Canfield et al. 2003; Koller et al. 2004). Early studies have documented an association between dentine lead, whole-tooth lead, hair lead, and symptoms of msc thesis inattention (Bellinger et al.

1994a, 1994b; Fergusson et al. Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123. 1993; Needleman and Leviton 1979; Needleman et al. 1979; Tuthill 1996), and subsequent studies showed that lead exposure can cause attention deficit disorder and msc thesis, impulsivity (Brockel and Cory-Slechta 1998; Burns et al. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123. 1999; Eppright et al. Imagination Is More Than Knowledge. 1997; Kahn et al. Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. 1995; Minder et al. Accounting. 1994; Silva et al. Etheses 1123. 1988; Thomson et al.

1989; Wasserman et al. 1998, 2001). However, these studies may not be conclusive. First, few studies have investigated the effect of lead exposure on ADHD formally diagnosed with the established criteria in International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10) (WHO 2007) or in msc thesis Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th ed., revised (DSM-IV-R; APA 2000) (Burns et al. 1999; Eppright et al. 1997; Silva et al.

1988). Second, most studies were limited by small sample size, and etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, some studies lacked sufficient control of contest confounding factors (Bellinger et al. 1994b; Minder et al. 1994). Third, early studies involved children who had higher BLLs than the levels seen in contemporary children (Needleman and Leviton 1979; Wasserman et al. 1998) and thus may not be directly relevant to children with lower levels of lead exposure. Uwaterloo Ca Display 1123. In addition, there is no investigation of lead exposure and ADHD in Chinese children.

Therefore, in an effort to evaluate the poetics essay, association between BLLs and the risk for ADHD in Chinese children, we performed a case#x02013;control study involving large samples of children 4#x02013;12 years of age. We also considered known potential variables in the etiology of ADHD, such as delivery characteristics, perinatal factors, parental psychosocial factors, and prenatal exposure to tobacco and alcohol. This study was designed as a pair-matching case#x02013;control study. ADHD subjects were consecutively recruited from etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123, children coming for of essay initial or follow-up assessment from October 2003 to uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, August 2007 in two pediatric clinics at the Anhui Provincial Children#x02019;s Hospital and the Institute of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medicine in Anhui Province, People#x02019;s Republic of China. The two major hospitals served the same local population in Anhui province and accepted referrals from all administrative districts within the the red pyramid book report, province. All ADHD (ICD-10 codes F90, 208#x02013;210) subjects were children of Chinese Han nationality 4#x02013;12 years of age at etheses uwaterloo 1123 the time of investigation and had a lifetime medical history that fully met the DSM-IV-R criteria (APA 2000; Su et al. 2001) for ADHD. The DSM-IV-R diagnostic criteria had been previously translated into Chinese, and the reliability for the ADHD diagnosis was previously assessed (Su et al. Imagination Than. 2001). The diagnoses of ADHD were derived from a structured diagnostic interview based on etheses uwaterloo 1123 Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School-Age Children (K-SADS-E) (Ambrosini 2000), which was modified to is more important knowledge gre essay, assess DSM-IV-R criteria and incorporate parents#x02019; and teachers#x02019; reports of behavioral symptoms, clinical observation of behavior, the Aberrant Behavior Checklist (Aman and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, Singh 1986), and tests of attention such as the Conners#x02019; Continuous Performance Test (Homack and Riccio 2006).

The interviews were performed in our outpatient clinic and administered by raters (trained research assistants) to imagination is more than, children, one of their parents, and their teachers. All the raters, from two involved pediatric clinics, have postgraduate degrees in psychology and had been trained to high levels of interrater reliability. We computed #x003ba; coefficients of agreement between all the raters and three experienced board-certified child psychiatrists who listened to audio taped interviews made by uwaterloo 1123 the raters. Based on 120 interviews, the poetics essay, median #x003ba; was 0.87; #x003ba; was 0.95 for ADHD. Children with identifiable perinatal insults, autism, Asperger syndrome, other pervasive developmental disorders (ICD-10 codes F84.0#x02013;F84.9, 308.0), and mental retardation (ICD-10 codes F70#x02013;F79, 312#x02013;315) were excluded. The non-ADHD controls were randomly selected from computerized lists of outpatients admitted for acute upper respiratory infection at the same two pediatric medical clinics during the daytime and during the same study period.

By the pair-matched design, each ADHD case and control set had the same sex, the same age (difference between birthdays within 6 months), and almost the same level of socioeconomic status (SES). The controls were given the same full diagnostic assessment as the ADHD cases and screened only for the absence of ADHD without exclusion of any other diagnosis except for the same exclusion criteria applied to cases. SES is ca display cfm ethesis_id measured by poverty-to-income ratio (PIR), and PIR is the ratio of family income to the poverty threshold for the year of the imagination important knowledge, interview. Low SES was defined as having PIR values #x0003c; 1 in our analysis and high SES as having PIR #x0003e; 3. The others were regarded as middle SES. The study was approved by our institutional review boards and complied with all applicable requirements of the United States. The parents of etheses ca display 1123 all the children in poetics essay this study provided written informed consent at enrollment. Blood samples (2 mL/child) were collected in uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 heparinized syringes. Lead concentrations were measured by anodic stripping voltametry through a blood lead analysis instrument (3010B; ESA Laboratories, Inc., Chelmsford, MA, USA) after the blood samples were digested with an essay on future career, organic tissue solubilizer.

The limit of detection was 1.0 #x003bc;g/dL. No detectable values were given values of 0.70 (1.0 divided by the square root of etheses cfm ethesis_id 1123 2). Imagination Than. Lead values were calculated as the etheses ca display, means of four analyses of each sample. Epidemiologic studies have shown that male sex, low SES, and young age are associated with a raised prevalence of ADHD. Moreover, its prevalence falls with age (Biederman and Faraone 2004; Doyle 2004; Scahill and Schwab-Stone 2000).

To address these important confounding factors, we employed a pair-match design on age, sex, and SES; thus, the stratified control subjects were at risk at the same sex, age, and SES. In addition, we considered multiple covariates and potential confounders for the association of lead exposure and ADHD in our study. They were based on questions established predictors of child behavioral problems and those widely used in studies of pediatric lead exposure (Banerjee et al. 2007; Biederman and Faraone 2005; Linnet et al. 2003; Mick et al. 2002; Millichap 2008; St Sauver et al. 2004; Swanson et al. 2007; Wasserman et al. 2001). The following variables were used: family history of ADHD (ADHD in parents and siblings, diagnosed by psychiatrists, obtained from clinical reports), household composition (normal: child lives with biological parents; single: child lives with only uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, one parent; or recombined: child lives in remarried family), maternal tobacco use during pregnancy (at least one cigarette per day during the last trimester), maternal drinking during pregnancy (at least two glasses per week during the on future career plans, entire pregnancy), labor complications, cesarean delivery, perinatal distress [low birth weight and admission to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) as markers], parents#x02019; age at childbirth, and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, parents#x02019; education. Poetics Essay. Because all the cases recruited were of Chinese Han nationality, the etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, variable of ethnic origin could not be used in importance of essay type questions our analysis.

These variables were obtained from uwaterloo ca display, clinical records or questionnaires completed by direct interview of the parents. Study factors were defined as binary variables or categorical variables. Accounting. For example, maternal smoking and uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, drinking habits during pregnancy were recorded as binary variables#x02014;that is, drinker or nondrinker, cigarette smoker or nonsmoker. Poetics Essay. We analyzed some continuous potential risk factors as categorical variables according to etheses ca display 1123, cut points suggested by the literature. For example, low birth weight is typically defined as #x0003c; 2,500 g (St Sauver et al. Of Essay Type Questions. 2004). Maternal and paternal age were analyzed as three categories (St Sauver et al. 2004): #x0003c; 20 years, 20#x02013;30 years, and #x0003e; 30 years of age. Maternal and paternal education were analyzed as #x02264; 9 years of uwaterloo 1123 compulsory education, high school education (9#x02013;12 years), or some college or advanced training (#x02265; 12 years). The association between BLLs and ADHD was evaluated using the on future career plans, Pearson chi-square test for categorical variables and the Student t -test for etheses cfm ethesis_id continuous data.

We also performed a conditional logistic regression analysis with a binary outcome of ADHD in relation to BLLs, adjusting for other potential confounding factors (Hosmer and poetics essay, Lemeshow 2000). In the regression model, BLLs were analyzed as an ordered categorical variable and recorded as three categories: #x02264; 5 #x003bc;g/dL, 5#x02013;10 #x003bc;g/dL, and #x02265; 10 #x003bc;g/dL. Cfm Ethesis_id. We then performed a conditional logistic regression analysis with backward stepwise procedures based on the maximum partial likelihood estimates to construct a final best-fit logistic regression models to identify predictors of risk for ADHD among known risk factors and BLLs. We estimated odds ratios (ORs) and accounting msc thesis, 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for differing levels of exposure. All statistical tests were considered to be significant at uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id an alpha level of 0.05 on a two-tailed test and performed with the statistical software SPSS version 15.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). The analysis included 630 ADHD cases and essay career plans, 630 non-ADHD control subjects matched by age, sex, and SES. There were 434 sets of boys and 196 sets of girls. The average ages were 7.9 #x000b1; 2.1 years.

The mean BLLs were 8.77 #x000b1; 3.89 #x003bc;g/dL in the ADHD group and 5.76 #x000b1; 3.39 #x003bc;g/dL in the control group. The ADHD group had higher BLLs ( p #x0003c; 0.05, see Table 1 ). Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id. There was no significant difference in BLLs between males and females. Figure 1 shows BLL distribution and cumulative distribution of msc thesis ADHD children and controls. Only 10.1% of non-ADHD children had BLLs #x0003e; 10 #x003bc;g/dL, whereas this percentage increased significantly to uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123, 24.4% in ADHD children. (#x003c7; 2 = 237, p #x0003c; 0.01). Msc Thesis. In addition, 49.8% of non-ADHD children had BLLs #x0003e; 5 #x003bc;g/dL, whereas of the ADHD cases, 74.7% had BLLS #x0003e; 5 #x003bc;g/dL (#x003c7; 2 = 116, p #x0003c; 0.01). Additional information in demographic and etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, the distribution of risk factors are shown in accounting msc thesis Table 2 . Etheses Uwaterloo Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. We performed a conditional multivariate logistic regression analysis with all variables (BLLs and all risk factors) simultaneously included in the same model to adjust for each other. We found that the ADHD cases were significantly associated with higher BLLs (OR = 5.19, p #x0003c; 0.01 for children with BLLs 5#x02013;10 #x003bc;g/dL; OR = 7.15, p #x0003c; 0.01 for pyramid report with BLLs #x02265; 10 #x003bc;g/dL, using the sample with BLLs #x02264; 5 #x003bc;g/dL as referent) and family history of etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id ADHD (OR = 4.54, p #x0003c; 0.01, compared with the accounting msc thesis, sample without familial ADHD history). The risk for ADHD decreased as the mother#x02019;s education level increased (OR = 0.69, p = 0.017, using the sample of #x02264; 9 years maternal education as referent). The analysis also found an association between ADHD and maternal smoking during pregnancy, but the p- value is near the etheses uwaterloo, significant threshold (OR = 4.04, p = 0.047). The remaining confounding variables in our analysis were not associated with ADHD status ( Table 2 ). To eliminate multivariable interaction and msc thesis, multicollinearity, we then performed a backward stepwise logistic regression based on the maximum partial likelihood estimates.

In the final best-fit model, the association between ADHD and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, maternal smoking during pregnancy was excluded, but ORs for the associations between ADHD and family history of ADHD, maternal education levels, and BLLs were largely unchanged from estimates obtained in the original model used in Table 2 ( Table 3 ). We also performed a conditional multivariate stepwise logistic regression analysis stratified by sex and age. Is More Important Gre Essay. As with the total sample, ADHD cases were significantly associated with higher BLLs than the lower BLLs in all subdefinitions ( Table 4 ), which indicates that increased risk for etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id ADHD associated with BLLs is not modified by accounting age and sex. We examined the effect of BLLs in ADHD cases and non-ADHD controls with adjustment for most other known risk factors in Chinese children 4#x02013;12 years of uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 age. We found ADHD cases were more likely to have been exposed to lead. The children with BLLs #x0003e; 10 #x003bc;g/dL had 4.1- to 8.7-fold higher risk for ADHD.

Even when their BLLs were under the recommended level but #x0003e; 5 #x003bc;g/dL, the essay, risk also showed a 3.5- to 7.0-fold increase. Family history of ADHD was another positive high-risk factor. Decreased risk for ADHD was associated with higher maternal education. Lead may play important roles in the etiology of ADHD. Recently, Braun et al. (2006) analyzed data from a U.S population-based sample and concluded that prenatal tobacco exposure and environmental lead are risk factors for ADHD; they found 4.1-fold increased odds of etheses 1123 ADHD with increased BLLs. Accounting Msc Thesis. Our work confirmed this finding in the referred sample that relied on the DSM-IV-R criteria. In addition, Nigg et al. (2008) reported that low-level lead exposure was associated with formal clinical diagnostic ADHD by etheses ca display 1123 DSM-IV-R criteria in a community sample in the United States, where regulations have reduced the incidence of career plans lead poisoning and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, the current population average of lead levels is of essay type questions relatively lower.

This is consistent with our finding that the risk of ADHD was associated with low lead exposures (#x0003c; 10 #x003bc;g/dL) in Chinese children. Some studies documented varying behavioral effects of etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id lead exposure in males and females (Burns et al. 1999; Ris et al. 2004). However, in our study, sex and age did not modify the contest to win, relationship between BLLs and ADHD.

Further studies investigating how neurobehavioral outcome varies with sex and age may be required. In our study, the absence of a statistically significant association between maternal smoking and ADHD was unexpected, in contrast to previous reports (Braun et al. 2006; Linnet et al. 2003; Swanson et al. 2007). Ca Display 1123. The reason might be that, in China, few women smoke during pregnancy and throughout life, which limits the statistical power in detecting a significant difference. Another reason might be that smoking and drinking variables of the mother were recorded as a dichotomy in our study, and the threshold to poetics essay, define the variables may underreport in uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 utero smoke and essay contest a house, alcohol exposure. Etheses. This potential misclassification might underestimate the true association between pregnancy smoking and ADHD. Our study found higher maternal education was associated with decreased risk for on future ADHD.

This result is consistent with previous work, which indicated that low maternal education, low SES, and single parenthood are important adverse factors for ADHD (Biederman and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, Faraone 2005; Millichap 2008; St Sauver et al. 2004). Apart from environmental risk factors for ADHD, our current report indicated that children with a family history of ADHD were more likely to pyramid book report, be diagnosed with ADHD. It is also consistent with previous work, which showed that ADHD is transmitted in families (Biederman and Faraone 2002, 2005; Millichap 2008). Although our study showed the association between lead and ADHD, we cannot explain clearly the mechanism that underlies the relationship. As for the etiology of ADHD, dopamine system dysfunction has important effects (Biederman and etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id, Faraone 2002; Swanson et al. 2007). There is extensive evidence that lead alters midbrain/striatal dopamine functioning as well as gene expression in the striatum (Cory-Slechta 1995; Kala and essay contest to win a house, Jadhav 1995; Szczerbak et al. Etheses Ca Display. 2007), so the neurotoxic effect of lead on the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system may be implicated in the pathway to ADHD. Lead exposure could represent a hidden major effect on ADHD incidence via genotype by contest a house environmental interaction (Swanson et al. 2007).

The strengths of this study are as follows: a ) Our sample size was the largest to date in case#x02013;control studies to etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123, investigate BLLs and ADHD. b ) The ADHD diagnosis was made through an extensive clinical evaluation based on the DSM-IV-R diagnostic instrument and performed by poetics essay child and adolescent psychiatrists. c ) The investigators matched the cases and controls on potentially important aspects such as age, sex, or SES. This is important because lead levels are highest among younger children compared with adolescents, and ADHD is of higher prevalence among children of elementary and middle-school age. This study suggests that there is a link between ADHD and BLLs, and the results reinforced findings from previous studies (Braun et al. 2006; Nigg et al. 2008). Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. If on further inquiry these associations are found to career, be causal, lead exposure may represent a modifiable risk factor for etheses ca display 1123 this common psychiatric condition of childhood.

Considering that ADHD typically starts in early childhood and that lead poisoning is one of the to win, most common and etheses ca display cfm ethesis_id, entirely preventable pediatric problems (AAP 2005; CDC 1991), strategies in public health must focus on practicing primary and secondary prevention of lead exposure in children. For example, clinicians should alert parents to potential adverse outcomes of lead associated with this disorder. In addition, routine screening for lead exposure may be needed so that if ADHD symptoms emerge, they can be managed at an early stage. Moreover, BLLs #x0003c; 10 #x003bc;g/dL also indicated a risk factor. This may suggest that the lower standard may effectively protect children from the harmful effects of lead, which is consistent with previous investigations (AAP 2005; Canfield et al. Type. 2003; Surkan et al. Uwaterloo. 2007). Some studies (Ruff et al.

1993; Tong et al. 1998) found an association between declining BLLs and the red book, improved cognitive test scores, independent of ca display whether iron or chelation therapy was administered. However, other works (AAP 2005; Canfield et al. 2003) indicated that the damage caused by blood lead exposure is irreversible. Plans. Further epidemiologic studies and rigorous randomized controlled trials are needed to determine whether chelation therapy or removal of possible lead exposure sources might help children with ADHD.

This study has several limitations. Uwaterloo. First, temporality between high BLLs and ADHD could not be ascertained definitely in this case#x02013;control design. Essay Plans. It is etheses cfm ethesis_id possible that hyperactive children ingest more lead rather than that lead causes hyperactivity. Therefore, further studies with serial lead measurements, even from the antenatal to the postnatal period, and more continuous measures of essay ADHD symptoms or of uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id 1123 specific underlying neurobehavioral domains may be required to document the temporal relationship between lead exposure and development of ADHD. Second, some might argue that concurrent blood lead tests are not an adequate biomarker of a child#x02019;s lifetime exposure. Poetics Essay. However, recent studies indicate that concurrent BLLs are a stronger predictor of lead-associated IQ decrements than blood lead measured during early childhood (Lanphear et al. Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. 2005). Third, recall bias is one of the problems of the case#x02013;control study. Knowledge. In this study, the main variable of interest was the BLLs, which were objectively measured.

However, other variables such as in utero tobacco and alcohol exposure may be susceptible to recall bias. Etheses Uwaterloo Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id. Fourth, the cohort was not a random population sample, so potential selection biases cannot be fully ruled out. In addition, because all our sample was Chinese Han, no children living in essay to win a house foster families were included, and none of the sample had health insurance, our results may not generalize to children with different socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds. Etheses Ca Display Cfm Ethesis_id 1123. Finally, it is interesting that Nigg et al. (2008) found a significant relationship between combined-type ADHD and on future career, low-level lead exposure but not predominantly inattentive type and etheses uwaterloo cfm ethesis_id, lead exposure. However, we were unable to is more important, do analogous analyses by subtype because of the constraints of the study matching scheme.

This hospital-based case#x02013;control study suggests a strong relationship exists between ADHD and lead exposure, even low-level lead exposure (#x0003c; 10 #x003bc;g/dL BLL), in Chinese children. If this finding is confirmed in etheses uwaterloo ca display cfm ethesis_id 1123 future studies, the potential to prevent ADHD by reducing childhood lead exposure should be considered.