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If there was no sun essay in hindi

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Let#x27;s write the story of our people. I have a dream, or is it mere fantasy? You decide. Imagine bringing into a room 100 black students, each with an was no sun essay in hindi, assignment to write a 1000-word biography of the most eminent black intellectuals in South Africa since 1850. Conjugaison? Each essay would then be edited by a team comprising myself, André Odendaal, Steven Niven and Henry Louis Gates jr of Harvard University. These edited entries would then be published in sun essay in hindi a new Dictionary of South African Biography. Well, this is neither a dream nor a fantasy but an idea that was first broached to me by Henry Louis Gates jr shortly after he received an honorary doctorate from UCT a few years ago. Over the past several years Gates has been producing several such dictionaries of career biography under the sun essay in hindi auspices of the Oxford’s African American Research Centre.

Already completed are the army resume bilder Dictionary of African American Biography with 4000-plus entries, the Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin Biography and the Dictionary of African Biography. Gates’s goal is ultimately to produce a Dictionary of if there Pan African Biography. Over the years there have been attempts to essay career, revise the apartheid-era Dictionary of South African Biography, but for if there was no sun essay in hindi, the most part this has been a matter of including well-known black South Africans into the existing framework. A genuinely new dictionary would turn that framework on its head by documenting the long history of black intellectual thought. Custom Essay? I have made reference on numerous occasions to the pioneering black public intellectual Tiyo Soga, our country’s first black university graduate and first black ordained minister. Soga’s influence on those who came after him was phenomenal, including on his sons – all of whom became distinguished academics. His eldest son, William Henderson, was the first black veterinary surgeon in if there was no in hindi the country. Then there is Allan K Soga, the custom writing inimitable journalist and editor of sun essay in hindi Izwi Labantu and thesis founding member of the in hindi South African Native Congress in 1890 – the real predecessor to the ANC. Avoir? And then of course the first black historian, John Henderson Soga, who wrote the magisterial historical work, The South-Eastern Bantu (1928).

While there has been a tendency to focus on the journalist-intellectuals of the Drum generation of the 1950s, much more scholarly work was done by earlier generations. What is relevant for today about their work is its focus on questions of if there was no in hindi history and identity. This should not be surprising given the colonial assault on the identities of African people – and toronto so think of Walter Rubusana’s Zemk’ Inkomo Magwalandini (1906); Sol Plaatje’s Native Life in South Africa (1916); Magema Fuze’s Abantu Abamnyama Nalapho Bavela Khona; and DDT Jabavu’s Black Problems (1922). My favourite is SEK Mqhayi, arguably the most prolific of them all. Not only did Mqhayi write Ityala Lama Wele, the first novel in isiXhosa, but he wrote several biographies of African leaders. While John Knox Bokwe wrote the first African biography with his publication of Ntsikana, Mqhayi followed with several biographies – of Bokwe himself, Elijah Makiwane and Rubusana. And how many people know that Mqhayi wrote the was no bulk of the lyrics that made up Enoch Sontonga’s song, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika? Where is the Sontonga biography, I might add.

To Pan-Africanists I ask, where are biographies of the early founders of Africanism in essay South Africa – Nehemiah Tile, founder of the Thembu Church, and Mangena Mokone, who gave the name Ethiopianism to if there was no sun essay in hindi, the new African churches, and James Dwane of the Order of Ethiopia; and of later leaders such as Robert Sobukwe, Zeph Mothopeng, Barney Desai, Patrick Duncan and Costa Gazi? Can anyone explain why there are no biographies of John Tengo Jabavu and Rubusana, without question the two most influential black leaders in on future career the period between the in hindi 1880s and trip 1910? Jabavu was the first black owner of a newspaper, Imvo Zabantsundu, founded in if there sun essay in hindi 1884, to writing statement, be followed by the likes of John Langalibalele Dube’s Ilanga Lase Natal and Silas Molema’s Koranta ea Becoana, edited by Plaatje. In 1905 Jabavu drafted the resolution of the Lovedale Convention that led to the decision to establish the University of Fort Hare. I take pride in the fact that Jabavu’s resolution was seconded by my great-grandfather, Peter Tyamzashe – who was also one of the was no in hindi executives of the Native Educational Association and co-founder of the South African Native Congress in 1890 with the style statement likes of Rubusana, Jonathan Tunyiswa, Green Siwundla and Mbem Njikelana.

Where, may I ask, is the biography of Walter Rubusana? Can the ANC explain why there is no definitive biography of if there sun essay Pixley Seme, or that no African has to this day written a biography of Nelson Mandela. How much do our young scholars really know about Nontsizi Mgqwetho, the prolific columnist of Seme’s Abantu-Batho newspaper before she broke off to join another newspaper, Umteteli wa Bantu? And what about the writings of Phyllis Ntantala, Cissy Gool, Noni Jabavu and Ellen Kuzwayo? And how much do our students know about Winnie Kgware, the custom essay writing services first woman to was no sun essay, be elected president of a political party in South Africa, The Black People’s Convention? And what about a biography of the style statement mother of Black Consciousness, Vuyelwa Mashalaba, without whom the movement might have been dead in the water. Was No Sun Essay? It was Mashalaba who stood up to conservative student leaders like Ben Ngubane at essay on future, the University of Natal to get the movement started.

And what about the story of if there was no sun essay Winnie Mandela, independent of Nelson Mandela? There are many more people whose biographies our young students could start writing: James and bilder Meshack Pelem, Paul Xiniwe, Richard Kawa, Richard Msimang, RV Selope Thema, Zac Mahabane, Selby Msimang and Govan Mbeki. It is just unforgivable that there is no biography of Griffiths Mxenge, one of the most important leaders in South African political and was no in hindi legal history, or of Mapetla Mohapi, one of Steve Biko’s closest comrades. But let us say you are interested more in contemporary figures – then where are the biographies of sports pioneers and conjugaison heroes such as Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza, Ria Ledwaba, Happy Boy Mgxaji, Mzukisi Skweyiya; civic leaders and journalists such as Nthato Motlana, Percy Qoboza, Aggrey Klaaste and poets such as Don Mattera and Ingoapele Madingoane? A national project such as this could keep young scholars busy for generations, and was no sun essay in hindi inspire a truly decolonised, literary revolution. * Mangcu is Professor of Sociology at the University of Cape Town and Harry Oppenheimer Fellow at Harvard University. ** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media. The Sunday Independent.

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How to Write Up a Ph.D. Dissertation. This page is if there was no, about how to turn your research (once it's done) into trip new york, a readable multi-chapter document. You need to figure out what to include, how to organize it, and how to was no sun essay present it. Following this advice will make me happier about reading your submitted or draft dissertation. You may find it useful even if I'm not going to read your dissertation. Many others have written usefully on this subject, including someone in the Annals of on future career plans, Improbable Research . There's also advice on was no in hindi writing a thesis proposal. Essay. However, this page focuses on what a finished dissertation should look like. You could also skim good dissertations on the web.

A typical thesis will motivate why a new idea is needed, present the cool new idea, convince the reader that it's cool and if there sun essay, new and might apply to the reader's own problems, and evaluate how well it worked. Just like a paper! The result must be a substantial, original contribution to scientific knowledge. It signals your official entrance into the community of scholars. Treat it as an chance to make a mark, not as a 900-page-tall memorial to your graduate student life. The cynical view is that if you've written several related papers, you staple them together to statement get a dissertation. If There Was No. That's a good first-order approximation -- you should incorporate ideas and conjugaison essayer, text from your papers. But what is it missing?

First, a thesis should cohere -- ideally, it should feel like one long paper. If There Was No In Hindi. Second, it should provide added value: there should be people who would prefer reading it to oral test essay simply reading your papers. Otherwise writing it would be a meaningless exercise. Here's what to if there sun essay in hindi do after stapling: integrate the oral test essay, pieces craft a substantial introductory chapter that ties the work together and sun essay, highlights the novel contributions reorganize the remaining presentation into a series of conjugaison verbe avoir, chapters that support and was no, develop your story from the introduction write a (brief) concluding chapter that recapitulates your story and career plans, summarizes what was learned make the notation, terminology, and style consistent throughout do keep good ideas, text, and results from if there in hindi, your previous papers (giving credit to any co-authors) expand the text make the text clearer, more tutorial, and more thoughtful add more examples and oral test essay, intuitions to help the reader add new experiments/theorems/significance tests to leave no stone unturned consider counterarguments, variations, and alternative explanations give enough details to allow a reader to replicate the work or apply it in if there sun essay new settings. contextualize the ideas open the thesis with a page or two that sells the work to conjugaison avoir a general audience (e.g., a science reporter) mention all obviously related work and explain how it relates to yours (warning: finding, reading, and if there sun essay in hindi, contemplating additional work may take a while!) discuss alternative solutions that you rejected or are leaving to future work point out custom essay services connections to other areas, including other possible applications of your ideas describe possible generalizations (and try them if possible) lay out sun essay in hindi future work for yourself or others.

acknowledge help (usually in a preface) acknowledge any collaborators on this work, such as your advisor acknowledge financial support on custom essay toronto this work, and perhaps also other financial support you've received as a grad student thank other people who have helped you technically, administratively, socially, or emotionally over your grad student career state which parts of the thesis text (if any) have appeared in your previous publications; get permission to republish if you are no longer the copyright holder of those works, or if you had co-authors. Don't expect your advisor to be your co-author. It's your Ph.D.: you are sole author this time and was no sun essay in hindi, the responsibility is on your shoulders. If your prose is oral test essay, turgid or thoughtless, misspelled or ungrammatical, oblivious or rude to related research, you're the one who looks bad. You can do it! Your advisor and committee are basically on if there was no in hindi your side -- they're probably willing to make suggestions about resume bilder, content and if there sun essay, style -- but they are not obligated to essay fix problems for you. They may send your dissertation back and if there was no sun essay, tell you to fix it.

In the following sections, I'll start with advice about the writing thesis, thesis as a whole, and work downward, eventually reaching small details such as typography and citations. First, choose your target audience. That crucial early decision will tell you what to explain, what to if there in hindi emphasize, and custom essay writing services, how to phrase and if there was no in hindi, organize it. Checking it with your advisor might be wise. Pretty much everything in thesis statement your thesis should be relevant to your chosen audience. Think about them as you write. If There Was No. Ask yourself: What does your audience already know? A computer science thesis can freely invoke basic ideas like hash tables and trip essay, computational complexity without defining or even citing them. (After all, do biologists read a computer science thesis? Not unless they are pretty comfortable with computer science.) You can also safely assume that your readers have some prior familiarity with your research area.

Just how much familiarity, and with which topics, is a judgment call -- again, you have to decide who your intended audience is. In practice, your audience will be somewhat mixed. If There Was No In Hindi. Up to a point, it is style thesis statement, possible to please both beginners and experts -- by covering background material crisply and in the service of your own story . How does that work? As you lay out the motivation for your own work, and provide notation, you'll naturally have to discuss background concepts and related work. But don't give a generic review that someone else could have written! Discuss the background in if there was no sun essay in hindi a way that motivates and essay career, clarifies your ideas.

Present your detailed perspective on the intellectual landscape and where your own work sits in it -- a fresh (even opinionated) take that keeps tying back to if there was no sun essay in hindi your main themes and will be useful for both experts and beginners. In short, be as considerate as you can to beginners without interrupting the flow of your main argument to your established colleagues. A good rule of thumb is to write at the level of the most accessible papers in the journals or conference proceedings that you read. What do you want your audience to learn from the thesis? You should set clear goals here. Just like a paper or a talk, your dissertation needs a point: it should tell a story. Writing the abstract and chapter 1 at the start will help you work out what that story is. You may find that you have to writing style statement do further work to really support your chosen story: more experiments, more theorems, reading more literature, etc. What does your audience hope to get out if there in hindi of the thesis? Why does anyone crack open a dissertation, anyway?

I sometimes do. Especially for style statement, areas that I know less well, a dissertation is often more accessible than shorter, denser papers. It takes a more leisurely pace, provides more explicit motivation and background, and answers more of the questions that I might have. There are other reasons I might look at your dissertation: To better understand your cool idea: your grand vision, how you think about it, and what you did. To look up details, clarification, or further results after reading a shorter version of your work. If There Sun Essay. To get a sense of what your field or area is all about. To read a thorough summary of work in your area, via your literature review. Style. To describe your work accurately in was no in hindi a paper I'm writing. To check whether a paper I'm writing (or reviewing) needs to cite you.

To decide whether to give you a Ph.D. :-) To help me write a recommendation or promotion letter. For students, reading high-quality dissertations is writing style thesis, a good way to learn an area and to see what a comprehensive treatment of a problem looks like. Noah A. Smith once ran a graduate CS seminar in which the students read 8 dissertations together. If There Was No In Hindi. Each student was also required to select and trip essay, summarize yet another dissertation and write a novel research proposal based on it. Readers with different motivations may read your thesis in different ways.

The strong convention is if there in hindi, that it's a single document that must read well from start to finish -- your committee will read it that way. Oral Test Essay. But it's worth keeping other readers in mind, too. Some will skim from start to finish. Some will read only the introductory and was no in hindi, concluding chapters (so make sure those give a strong impression of what you've done and why it's important). Some will read a single chapter in the middle, going back for conjugaison verbe, definitions as needed. If There. Some will scan or search for what they need: a definition, example, table of army bilder, results, or literature review. Some will flip through to get a general sense of your work or of if there was no sun essay, how you think, reading whatever catches their eye. Once you've chosen your target audience, you should outline the army resume, structure of the thesis. In Hindi. Again, the convention is that the document must read well from start to trip essay finish. The canonical organization is sketched by Douglas Comer near the end of his advice. Read that: you'll probably want something like it.

A few further tips: Keep your focus. If There In Hindi. Length is oral test essay, not a virtue unless the content is actually interesting. You do have as much space as you need, but the reader doesn't have unlimited time and neither do you. Use space as needed for clarity and to was no flesh out and support your story. If you feel like your thesis is too short, it may need more ideas or thoughtful discussion or experiments (talk to your advisor), but it doesn't need more padding.

A newspaper, like a dissertation, is conjugaison verbe essayer, a hefty chunk of reading. So it puts the most important news on page one, and leads each article with the most important part. You should try to do the same when reasonable. Get to the interesting ideas as soon as possible. A good strategy is to make Chapter 1 an overview of your main arguments and findings. Tell your story there in a compelling way, including a taste of was no in hindi, your results. Refer the reader to specific sections in later chapters for the pesky details.

Chapter 1 should be especially accessible (use examples): make it the one chapter that everyone should read. The same strategy works within a chapter. Start by telling your readers what the chapter is essay career, about and why they should read it. Then unfold your ideas and results. The order of your presentation should be natural and in hindi, logical (e.g., motivation before experimental design before results), but try to keep the reader turning pages; seek reasonable ways to move the boring bits to later sections or later chapters. Chapter 1 traditionally ends with a road map to the rest of the verbe essayer, thesis, which rapidly summarizes what the if there sun essay in hindi, remaining chapters or sections will contain. That's useful guidance for readers who are looking for something specific and also for those who will read the whole thesis.

It also exhibits in one place what an awful lot of work you've done. Here's a detailed example. Where to put the army bilder, literature review. I recommend against writing Chapter 2: Literature Review. Such chapters are usually boring: they're plonked down like the author's obligatory list of what he or she was supposed to cite.

They block the reader from getting to the new ideas, and can't even be contrasted with the if there was no sun essay, new ideas because those haven't been presented yet. A better plan is to discuss related literature in conjunction with your own ideas. As you motivate and present your ideas, you'll want to refer to army resume bilder some related work anyway. Related work that didn't meld naturally into sun essay, that presentation can be acknowledged soon afterwards in its own section -- where you should still focus on how it relates to your ideas and fits into your framework, which you have already presented. Each chapter might have its own related work section or sections, covering work that connects to yours in army resume different ways. Where to sun essay in hindi define terminology and notation. Basic terminology, concepts, and notation have to be defined somewhere. But where? You can mix the following strategies: Retail.

You can define some terms or notation individually, when the writing style statement, reader first needs them. Then they will be well-motivated and fresh in if there was no sun essay the reader's mind. If you use them again later, you can refer back to the section where you first defined them. Wholesale. On Future Plans. On the other hand, there are advantages to if there sun essay in hindi aggregating some of career, your fundamental definitions into a Definitions section near the start of the chapter, or a chapter near the in hindi, start of the dissertation:

Sits readers down and gets them oriented all at new york, once. Makes the definitions harder to overlook. Highlights how the definitions are related to one another. Gets the definitions out sun essay in hindi of the way, so they don't have to interrupt the flow of your argument later. Gives readers a place to check if they forget what you meant by or the essay, bumptiousness of a model. (An alternative is to include a summary of was no in hindi, notation and a glossary at the back of the trip essay, dissertation, and advertise their existence.) The downside is that such sections or chapters can seem boring and full of not-yet-motivated concepts. Unless your definitions are novel and if there was no in hindi, interesting in themselves, they block the reader from getting to the new and oral test essay, interesting ideas.

So if you write something like Chapter 2: Preliminaries, keep it relatively concise -- the point is to get the reader oriented. Thrift shop. Use well-known notation and terminology whenever you can, either with or without a formal definition in your thesis. In Hindi. The point of your thesis is not to re-invent notation or to re-present well-known material, although sometimes you may find it helpful to do so. Make Things Easy on Your Poor Readers. Now we get down to the actual writing. A dissertation is a lot to write. But it's also an awful lot to read and digest at once! You can keep us readers turning pages and following your argument. But it's a bigger and writing style, more complicated argument than usual, so you have to was no sun essay be more disciplined than usual.

Long swaths of text are like quicksand for readers (and writers!). To keep us moving without sinking, use all the devices at your disposal to break the text down into short chunks. Ironically, short chunks are more helpful in a longer document. They keep your argument tightly organized and keep the reader focused and on future career, oriented. If a section or subsection is longer than 1 double-spaced page , consider whether you could break it down further. In Hindi. I'm not joking! This 1-page threshold may seem surprisingly short, but it really makes writing and reading easier.

Some devices you can use: subsectioning Split your section into subsections (or subsubsections) with meaningful titles that keep the reader oriented. lists If you're writing a paragraph and feel like you're listing anything (e.g., advantages or disadvantages of custom services toronto, some approach), then use an explicit bulleted list. Sometimes this might yield a list with only 2 or 3 rather long bullet points, but that's fine -- it breaks things down. If There Sun Essay. ( Note: To replace the bullets with short labels, roughly as in the list you're now reading, LaTeX's itemize environment lets you write item[my label] .) labeled paragraphs Label a series of oral test essay, paragraphs within the section, as a kind of lightweight subsectioning. Your experimental design section might look like this (using the LaTeX paragraph command): Participants.

The participants were 32 undergraduates enrolled in . Apparatus. If There Was No Sun Essay In Hindi. Each participant wore a Star Trek suit equipped with a Hasbro-brand Galactic Translator, belt model 3A . Procedure. The subjects were seated in pairs throughout the custom writing services toronto, laboratory and if there, subjected to army bilder Vogon poetry broadcast at sun essay, 3-minute intervals . Dataset. The Vogon poetry corpus (available on style thesis statement request) was obtained by passing the was no in hindi, later works of T. S. Eliot through the Systran translation system . footnotes Move inessential points to bilder footnotes. If they're too long for that, you could move them into if there was no, appendices or chapters near the end of the thesis. (Here's my take on footnotes.) captions Move some discussion of figures and tables into on future career plans, their captions. Figures and tables should be clearly structured in the first place: e.g., graphs should have labeled axes with units. But a helpful caption provides guidance on was no how to conjugaison verbe essayer interpret the if there sun essay in hindi, figure or table and what interesting conclusions to draw from it. The figure or table should itself include helpful labels (axis.

(In LaTeX, you can write caption[short version] . The optional short version argument will be used for resume, the List of Tables or List of Figures at the start of the thesis.) theorems Even simple formal results can be stated as a theorem or lemma. The theorem (and proof, if included) form a nice little chunk, using the LaTeX theorem enviroment. Long blocks of equations are even more intimidating than long swaths of if there, text. You can break those apart, too: Intersperse short bits of text for essay career plans, guidance (perhaps using LaTeX intertext ). You might introduce line 3 of your formula with. A change of variable from x to if there was no sun essay log x now allows us to integrate by parts: Distinguish conceptually important steps from style statement, finicky steps that just push symbols around. You can even move finicky steps to a footnote, like this:

Some algebraic manipulation 5 allows us to simplify to the following: Use visual devices like color, boldface, underlining, boxes, or underbrace to call attention to if there in hindi significant parts of a formula: Simplify the formulas in the first place by defining intermediate quantities or adopting notational conventions (e.g., the t subscript will be dropped when it is clear from context). Now that you've chopped your prose into custom essay writing services, bite-sized chunks, what binds it together? Your paragraphs and chunks have to tie together into a coherent argument.

Do everything you can to highlight the structure of this argument. The structure should jump out at the reader, making it possible to if there was no sun essay in hindi read straight through your text, or skim it. Else the reader will get stuck puzzling out oral test essay what you meant and lose momentum. Make sure your readers are never perplexed about the point of the paragraph they're reading. Make them want to keep turning the was no sun essay, page because you've set up questions to oral test essay which they want to know the answers. Don't make them rub their eyes in frustration or boredom and wander off to the fridge or the web browser. So how exactly do you highlight the structure and set up questions? Ask questions explicitly and then answer them, as I just did. This is sun essay, a great device for breaking up boring prose, communicating your rhetorical goals, and making the reader think.

Explicitly refer back to previous text, as when I wrote, So how exactly do you 'highlight the structure' and 'set up questions'? Use lots of resume bilder, transitional phrases (discourse connectives). Note that it's fine to use these across chunk boundaries; that is, feel free to start a new subsection with For this reason, . , picking up where the previous subsection left off. Section and subsection titles pop out visually at sun essay in hindi, the reader. So use them to provide explicit, helpful guidance. Not Analysis , but Error Analysis: Why Conditional Likelihood Usually Beats Large-Margin Training on Vogon Poetry. Custom Writing Toronto. (That's on if there sun essay in hindi the long side, but still shorter than the chapter titles in verbe essayer old-fashioned novels . ) As you start a section, explicitly state how it will be organized, or how it fits into the larger organization. As you come to the end of a section, remind the reader what the point was.

If possible, this should lead naturally into the next section. If a section is skippable, or chapters can be read out of if there, order, do say so. Essay On Future Plans. (But don't use this as an if there was no in hindi, excuse for poor organization or long distractions. Oral Test Essay. Some readers tend to was no sun essay read straight through, and in particular, your advisor or committee may feel that they must do this.) A thesis deals with a lot of ideas at oral test essay, once. Readers can easily lose track. Sun Essay In Hindi. Help them out: Use plenty of references to your equations, sections, figures and conjugaison avoir, tables. This is was no sun essay, really helpful to army resume a reader who might be getting confused, or who is skimming the thesis or reading it piecemeal or out of order. Don't just say as defined earlier or we will see below; give the section number. Was No In Hindi. Don't say divide by Z ; say divide equation (3.22) by Z from army resume, (3.19).

Don't say footnote 22; say footnote 22 on p. If There Was No In Hindi. 99 (if it's far away), by using both the custom essay writing services toronto, ref and pageref commands in LaTeX. You'll probably want define some LaTeX macros for frequent reference styles. Each figure or table should be mentioned in in hindi the main text, so that the reader knows to trip essay go look at it. Conversely, the figure's caption may point the reader back to details in the main text (stating the section number). If There Was No Sun Essay. A caption may also refer to other figures or tables that the reader should be sure to on future compare.

Boldface terms that you are defining, as a textbook would. This makes the definitions easy to spot when needed. You may also want to generate an if there in hindi, index of boldfaced terms. Be very consistent in trip essay your terminology. Never use two terms for the same idea; never reuse one term or variable for was no sun essay, two ideas. Be cautious about using pronouns like it, or other anaphors such as this or this technique. Custom Essay. With all the if there sun essay, ideas flying around, it won't always be obvious to everyone what you're referring to. Use longer, unambiguous phrases instead, when appropriate. Try saying the time t instead of just t or just the time.

Similarly, the image transformation T , the training example x i , etc. This style reminds the reader of which variables are connected to which concepts. You can further do this for expressions: the total probability Σ i p i instead of new york essay, just the total probability or the sum. Give the if there in hindi, reader some clue about the type of oral test essay, each variable. This makes it easier to interpret formulas. If There Was No In Hindi. State the conjugaison, type (range) when you introduce the variable: let x ∈ [1, N ] be an index. Was No Sun Essay In Hindi. The name of the verbe essayer, variable should also be a clue to in hindi its type. You may want to adopt naming conventions and state them explicitly , e.g., i , j , k . for integers in the range [1, N ] a , b , c . for writing thesis, characters A , B , C . for sets of characters α , β , γ . for strings X , Y , Z . for random variables script X , Y , Z , . for the ranges of random variables x (or x with an if there was no sun essay in hindi, arrow above it) for a vector x (n) for an n -tuple S MALL C APS for the name of a model or system. Feel free to lavish space where it confers extra understanding.

Don't hesitate to essay on future give an was no in hindi, example or a caveat, or repeat an earlier equation, or crisply summarize earlier work that the reader needs to understand. As I read a thesis, or a long argument or construction within a thesis, I often start worrying whether I am keeping the pieces together correctly in my head. Something that has become deeply familiar and natural to you (the world expert) may be rougher going for me. If I can see some concrete demonstration of how your idea works, it helps me check and deepen my understanding. Examples keep the reader, and you, from getting lost in a morass of abstractions. Example cases figured in your thinking; they can help the reader, too. Invented examples are okay, but using real examples will also show off what your methods should or can do.

Running examples greet the essay career plans, reader like old friends. The reader will grasp a point more quickly and completely, and remember it better, when it is was no sun essay in hindi, applied to a familiar example rather than a new one. So if possible, devise one or two especially nice examples that you can keep revisiting to make a series of points. Pictures serve much the same role as examples: they're concrete and career, they share how the ideas really look inside your head. A picture is if there, worth at least a thousand words (= 2.5 double-spaced thesis pages). Pseudocode is a concrete way to writing style statement convey an algorithm. It is often more concise, precise, and direct than a prose description, and may be closer to your own thinking.

It will also make other people much more likely to understand and adopt your methods. Theorems , too, are concise and was no sun essay in hindi, precise. They are also self-contained chunks, because they formally state all their assumptions. A reader sloshing through a long, complicated, contextual argument can always grab onto a theorem as an island of certainty. Experimental results are also concrete. You don't have to wait for the experimental section: it is okay to foreshadow your experiments before you present them in full. When you are developing the theory, you can say Indeed, we will find experimentally in section 5.6 that . You can even showcase an example from your experiments or give some summary statistics; these might not even show up later in the experimental section. Commitments keep the reader anchored. As noted earlier, your dissertation should discuss alternative solutions that you rejected or are leaving to future work. That's scholarship. Avoir Essayer. But make it clear from the start what you actually did and if there was no sun essay, didn't do.

Don't have section 2.3 chatter on about everything one could do -- that reads like a proposal, not a thesis! -- while waiting till section 4.5 or even 2.5 to reveal what you actually did. Placing these concrete elements early is best, other things equal. Either embed them early in the section or just tell the reader early on to go look at Figure X. (If you continue the section by discussing Figure X, the reader is more likely to actually go look. Figure X or its caption can refer back to the text in new york turn.) For example, consider pseudocode. Some readers prefer code to was no sun essay in hindi prose, and services, it's concise. So you may want to give pseudocode early in the section, before you ramble on about why it works. An alternative is to in hindi intersperse fragments of pseudocode with your prose explanation, as in literate programming. Of course, the pseudocode itself should also include some brief comments; where necessary these can just point to the text, as in implements equation (5) or see section 3.2.

Sentences. The previous section dealt with sections and verbe, paragraphs, but how about sentences? Yours should read well. The best advice in The Elements of Style : Omit needless words. Vigorous writing is concise. To learn how to improve your sentences, read Style: Lessons in Clarity and in hindi, Grace , by Joseph M. Williams, and do the custom essay services, exercises. Typography. It's nice to get the typography right. If There Was No Sun Essay. This might be a good time to read a LaTeX tutorial or book, if you don't know the differences among - , -- , and --- , and whether to put spaces around them the differences among spacing commands like @ , , , ; , ! , hspace and hspace* why $diff$ , $p(x|y)$ , $argmax_x$ , and argmax_x look ugly and how to fix them what to use for new york essay, multi-line equations or groups of equations (not eqnarray !) how to use other improved math commands and if there, environments (shorter guide) where to browse through obscure math symbols (or look one up by drawing it!) how to make complicated tabular environments how to include graphics (via the graphicx package) how to define macros to make your life easier that pdflatex (in place of latex) directly produces a PDF file with nice fonts.

Citations. BibTeX is definitely worth using to manage your bibliographic database. Then I recommend formatting your citations with usepackage[longnamesfirst] (accompanied by bibliographystyle to format the actual bibliography). The natbib package ordinarily produces reader-friendly citations such as Computers are getting exponentially faster (Moore, 1965). However, Biddle (1971) showed . and is blessedly flexible enough to handle more complex forms that you'll probably need somewhere in your thesis: Bandura's (1977) theory . . (e.g., Butcher, 1954; Baker, 1955; Candlestick-Maker, 1957, and others). The work of Minor (2001, pp. 50-75; but see also Adams, 1999; Storandt, 1997) . According to Manning and oral test essay, Schütze, 1999 (henceforth MS), . (It can also switch to numerical citations like [34] if you really want.) (Another option is the apacite package, which precisely follows the style manual of the American Psychological Association. It is if there, nearly as flexible in its citation format, but APA style has some oddities, including lowercasing the titles of proceedings volumes. One nice thing about APA style is that if you have multiple Smiths in your bibliography, it will distinguish them where necessary, using first and middle initials.

Another nice thing is the essayer, use of rather than and in author lists; however, you can easily hack plainnat.bst to was no sun essay mimic this behavior.) Hyperlinks within your PDF file. Writing Style Thesis Statement. I recommend including this in the LaTeX preamble: Notes to yourself. I like to use . to mark something that I have to come back and if there was no sun essay, finish or fill in. For longer to do notes to trip essay yourself, try using the cool todonotes latex package.

Or for a lightweight alternative, define a todo macro so your note appears as highlighted text in the document: To suppress all notes, change the definition to Not all notes to yourself are to-do items that should jump out at if there was no in hindi, you. New York Essay. You may also want to include TeX comments as documentation for your own use: Version control. Sun Essay In Hindi. It's probably wise to use git (or CVS or RCS or Subversion or mercurial or darcs) to keep the revision history of your dissertation files. This lets you roll back to conjugaison verbe essayer an earlier version in case of was no in hindi, disaster. Furthermore, if you host the trip, repository on your account, it will be backed up by if there in hindi the department. Sharing your thesis.

When you're willing to open up for comments from fellow students, your advisor, or your committee, give them a secret URL from which they can always download the latest, up-to-date release of your thesis, as well as earlier versions. (This is probably friendlier than just pointing them to your git repository.) Keep this URL up to date with your changes. Each distinct version should bear a visible date or version number, to avoid confusion. For each new version (or on request), you should probably also supply a PDF that marks up the differences from an appropriate earlier version, using the wonderful latexdiff program (available here or as an Linux package; plays nicely with git via latexdiff-git or other scripts) or a similar technique. (Note: If you use a makefile to build your document by running latex, gnuplot, etc., then you can also make it run latexdiff and update the URL for you.) Every dissertation is a little different. Talk to oral test essay your advisor to draft a specific, written plan for what the thesis will contain, how it will be organized, and whom it will address. Discuss the plan with each of if there, your committee members, who may suggest changes.

They might disagree with advice on this page; find out. As the dissertation takes shape, your plan may need some revision. Your advisor and committee may be willing to provide early feedback. But no one will want to slog through more than a version or two in detail. So ask them each how many drafts of each chapter they're willing to read, and in what state and on what schedule. Essay On Future Career. Some of them nmay prefer to influence your writeup while it's still in an early, outline form.

Others may prefer to if there was no sun essay wait until your prose is fairly polished and easy to custom writing services toronto read. In addition to your advisor's goals and your committee's goals, you may have some goals of your own, e.g., settle some open questions that are bugging you reach out to a related field present ideas so that you can cite them in future work provide useful reference material for your own future students make it easy to turn the thesis into a job talk or a book make it easy to was no sun essay in hindi turn individual chapters into journal articles establish a particular identity in verbe the research community convince certain senior researchers to read your thesis graduate by if there sun essay in hindi a particular date.

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Resume Format Guide - Reverse-Chronological, Functional, Combination Styles. By Resume Genius. Making a perfect resume needs more than just error-free spelling and grammar. A resume must be framed and formatted to present you in the best way possible, a process that requires combining creativity, composition, and marketing. Therefore, we’ve written this resume format guide to be a comprehensive resource to was no in hindi those looking to format their own resumes. Oral Test Essay! We provide writing tips, expert advice, and if there sun essay in hindi sample images covering every resume format for your convenience. Looking for more resume samples? Click the link below. How to Choose the Best Resume Format. Use the chart below to get a quick idea of which resume format will be best for presenting your unique job experience. As you may have seen above, job seekers have three options when it comes to formatting their resume: Chronological, Functional, and Combination . Each resume format has their own set of advantages and disadvantages for different kinds of job seekers, so be sure to army bilder choose wisely.

Check out the in-depth writing guides below to get every bit of if there was no sun essay in hindi, information needed to create the essay career best resume for you: To get inspiration and an idea of what your resume can look like, we’ve created three huge libraries of resume format examples . If There In Hindi! The links below are separated by resume style and include industry-specific samples. Visit each library and find your industry. As the name suggests, a reverse chronological resume presents your work experience information from newest (most relevant) to oldest (least relevant). Custom Essay Writing Services! This means the resume will begin with your most recent job, and end with your oldest experience. This structure allows you to present yourself in terms of your promotions and was no upward career mobility , and is therefore particularly useful for oral test essay, entry to mid level applicants looking to was no in hindi boost their careers. I should use a reverse chronological resume format if… I want to demonstrate a vertical career progression. I want to trip new york apply to a job in a similar field. I don’t have large work experience gaps. I shouldn’t use a reverse chronological style if…

I have multiple gaps in my employment history. I am considering working in sun essay a new industry I frequently change jobs. To learn more about what should be in included in a reverse-chronological resume, click here. The functional resume format frames the candidate in terms of the skills and abilities he/she believes are most relevant to the job opening . Unlike the new york reverse chronological resume, the functional resume ignores when and where the was no sun essay candidate learned or performed those skills . The candidate and simply lists them at the top of the resume in oral test essay order of most relevant to least relevant skills. Even the “least relevant” skill should still be relevant to the job you are applying for. “Least relevant” here really means “the least relevant of your most relevant skills.” Warning: Many human resources professionals have negative impressions of functional resumes precisely because they do not reveal chronological information, making it seem like the candidate is hiding something. By using the functional format, job candidates can achieve three big goals: provide evidence that they are strong candidates for the job, and was no sun essay in hindi hide work experience gaps (if they haven’t been working for periods of time.) help hiring managers quickly locate specific skills that are required for essay, a particular position, which is beneficial. I should use a functional resume format if… I have unusually large gaps in my employment history. If There Was No In Hindi! I am in the midst of a big career change into a new industry.

I want to oral test essay promote a specific skill set. I shouldn’t use a functional style if: I want to highlight my upward career mobility. I am a student or entry-level candidate that lacks experience. I lack relevant or transferable skills. To learn more about what should be in included in a functional resume, click here. A combination resume is literally a combination of the reverse-chronological and functional resume formats.

Combination resumes will often begin with a professional profile or summary of qualifications that includes skills, abilities, and achievements relevant to the job opening. (This is the functional part.) This introductory section is then followed by your reverse-chronological professional experience, education, and in hindi additional sections. Verbe! (This is the reverse-chronological part.) I should use a combination resume format if… I want to if there was no showcase a relevant and well-developed skill set. I want to transfer to a different industry. I am a master at what I do. I shouldn’t use a combination resume format if… I am a student or entry level candidate. Writing! I want to if there sun essay emphasize my educational experience.

I lack relevant qualifications and skills. To learn more about what should be in resume bilder included in a combination resume format, click here. If you have any specific questions not answered in this guide please feel free to if there sun essay in hindi post them in new york essay the comments at the bottom of the page and if there was no in hindi one of our Senior Resume Experts will be glad to answer them for you! PS. Army Resume Bilder! Need that job? Be sure to download our Resume Checklist to was no in hindi ensure that you’ve written a complete, professional resume. Click Here to Download. Our Resume Checklist. If I apply a admin. job but I only have relevant experience several years ago, and now in school learning social service. How can I make my resume? Emphasize old skills and transferable skills from social service in a combination or functional resume.

Good luck on the job hunt! Yes, if you have several impressive awards/honors then they can definitely be place above your professional experience. Good luck on the job hunt! We suggest using a combination format. Best of luck on the job hunt! We suggest that you stick with the traditional reverse-chronological format. Good luck! I did a career shift recently to essay on future teaching after having a graduate degree and 10 years experience in planning and if there sun essay development. Custom Writing Toronto! I have recently completed a graduate degree in education and have 2 years of teaching experience in if there was no sun essay in hindi a preschool setting and trying to now make the shift to resume bilder elementary age. Do you think I should use a combination resume?

A combination resume should work for your situation. Check out our combination format writing guide for more info: For a chronological resume, if I completed an internship with a past employer — while simultaneously being employed by them — does the internship go above or below the primary employment experience? (E.g., I worked at HSBV from 8/2013 – 12/2015, with my internship — also at if there, HSBV — from 1/2015 – 5/2015, so right in the middle of my employment with them. On Future! Should the internship be listed before, or after?) You should list you internship after your employment. Good luck! I have what I perceive to be a unique situation (I understand everyone thinks they are different). I am an army veteran of nearly 7 years and now I am studying to get my BS is Homeland Security. I joined the in hindi army at writing, 19 in 2006 and got out in 2013. From 2013 until January of this year, I have been trying to make my own way as an entrepreneur. I was largely unsuccessful and in order to stay on top of if there sun essay, my bills I ended up taking odd jobs during the day while working as a bouncer at various bars and clubs at night.

I am currently looking for verbe avoir, an internship as part of my degree program so i need to create a resume. I thought a functional resume would be ideal so as to blur the past 3 years. However, I understand from this article that students should use a chronological resume. I need to know how firm that rule is. Also, if anyone has any specific guidance for my resume I am very willing to if there was no in hindi accept advice.

Thanks. In your situation, we would suggest using a functional format. This will allow you to focus on avoir essayer, your skills that are relevant to the internship you are applying for. Good luck on the job hunt and if there was no thank you for your service! Okay so I am a third year college student looking for custom essay writing toronto, a part-time job that fits my class schedule and isn’t in the fast-food industry to help me pay rent next year.

I have never had to if there was no sun essay write a resume for any of my other jobs so I’m at a loss as to what to do. I am applying as an army resume bilder, entry-level applicant but I also didn’t work during my freshman year and if there was no in hindi about half of my sophomore year. Therefore I’m not really sure how to approach this and I really need this job. Please help! Thanks! Good luck on the job hunt! Consider adding a ‘Publications’ section to include your research and writing experience. Good luck on the job hunt. Several positions require a chronological resume be included. I am over 40, most recent position was over bilder 5 yrs ago as a Seasonal Tax Professional with HR Block.

Recently received my AA degree. I do not include employment start – end dates on my resume for if there was no in hindi, many reasons but I am not trying to look like someone who can not or will not follow directions either. Style! Please share your thoughts. Hi I used to be a pediatric nurse for if there sun essay, two years till moved to trip this country on 2012 and have been working at if there in hindi, Walmart since then, recently got my RN license and want to start working as a nurse…what type would you recommend me? In your case, we suggest using a functional resume. Best of luck on the job hunt! Hi, I am presently working as Project Manager in new york construction company and if there was no in hindi before this I worked as Operations Manager in conjugaison essayer a different company. Now I want to apply for a job (Title : Plant Manager). I am confused which format I should choose to post for this job opportunity.

Please recommend. We suggest sticking with the traditional reverse-chronological format. Best of luck! Detailing all 18 years of your experience might be overdoing it. With three pages, there is likely some redundant information that you could cut.

However, if you truly feel that all of your content is if there was no sun essay, relevant and of interest to the employer, then stick with what you have. Best of luck on the job hunt! I am now trying to rejoin the full-time workforce after almost a 17 year absence. Prior to marriage mother hood I was a very successful Director of essay, Public relations for a well known beauty company in NYC (1990-1996). If There Sun Essay! After that I joined a small firm on Long Island as their first ever Director of PR and advertising (1997-1999). Then babies came. 6 years later I joined a local firm as their Director of Operations (office manager) from 2006-2009. Then my family and new york essay I moved to Switzerland and if there sun essay just returned after 7 years. I was a teacher of essay, English as a Second Language. I am looking for work in if there sun essay in hindi almost any capacity: From Communications manager to administrative assistant.

I am struggling with how to present my resume. I’ve been letting my cover letters explain the trip history and why I would be a good fit for any given position, but I’m sure my resume is holding me back. Was No In Hindi! Any ideas. Thanks in army advance! If you’re looking to was no in hindi get back into writing services, communications or office management, then it might be better to use a functional format. This will allow you to emphasize your skills instead of the dates of your work experience. As far as explaining work gaps in your cover letter, check out was no sun essay this how-to guide:

While I was in high school I did my internship at for State Farm. After I graduated I was offered a job there and trip essay stayed there for 2 years. If There Was No In Hindi! I have recently worked at the National Instituted of essay on future plans, Health for a year. I currently want to go back to was no in hindi finding an office job or something related and need help deciding what type of resume I should use? Based on the info you’ve given us, a ‘Chronological’ format would still be appropriate. Best of luck! If the the position you are applying for army resume bilder, is also an administrative job, then stick with the if there traditional Reverse-Chronological resume format. Good luck on trip, the job hunt! Glad you liked it!

Hi there! This is was no sun essay, great. I was just wondering, if I’ve been at custom essay, the same position for was no sun essay in hindi, 3 years (2014-present) but did a second job for 6 months in 2015 that I would like to list, would I put that first (since technically 2015 is more recent than 2014)? Or would I list that after my current position, since I’m still presently in this role? Thanks! List your current position first. Best of luck! A combination or functional resume would be suitable. Best of luck! It sounds like a functional format would be a good choice. Good luck on the job hunt!

Hi there Elizabeth, You have a bit of flexibility with the resume format, but when in doubt go with reverse-chronological. Because you’re lacking in transferable skills, I’d recommend working on your resume objective to get your application started on the right foot. Also consider the oral test essay soft skills you’ve built during your time working in a call center. Many of these could potentially be transferable. Good luck with your job application! Yes, a combination resume is if there was no in hindi, perfectly suited to someone of your experience, even with the career change. Good luck making the shift back into your previous field!

If you are aiming for a new industry, you can’t go wrong with the classic “reverse-chronological” resume format. Good luck landing your fellowship! Share Resume Format Guide – Reverse-Chronological, Functional, #038; Combination Styles Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and essay easy export to was no in hindi MS Word and resume bilder PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to if there sun essay your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to essay career plans Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and if there sun essay learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. Career! There are tons of errors throughout. See why. How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template?

Feel free to download one, but be sure to if there in hindi make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for career, a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for if there sun essay in hindi, a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is bound to have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career plans career tips are regularly featured on if there was no in hindi, some of the world's leading online and offline publications including:

Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and oral test essay easily export to was no MS Word and PDF.

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+30 Best Examples of What Skills to Put on a Resume (Proven Tips) Meet Jane. Jane is the sun essay CEO of Jane’s Addictive Sweets. She makes cupcakes. You like cupcakes, and you want to work for her. How does Jane know that you are the person she’s been waiting for verbe, all her life? A list of skills to put on a resume is as important as icing on a cupcake. Sun Essay In Hindi! No one wants a cupcake without icing. No one.

So, if you want a resume that will give you more interviews, you need to new york essay, know what skills to if there, put on a resume and how to oral test essay, describe them. Was No! This article will show you: Where to style thesis, put work skills on a resume. What skills to put on a resume to get you MORE interviews. If There Was No In Hindi! How to list work-related skills on a resume. 31 best examples of how to put your skills on a CV ( right vs. wrong examples).

INFOGRAPHIC that shows the most important resume skills. Essay Services Toronto! If you have any questions about your resume skills, make sure to was no sun essay in hindi, ask in a comment - I will be happy to custom essay writing services toronto, answer. What to Put on was no sun essay, a Resume to writing thesis statement, Make it Stand Out. Apart from if there was no in hindi experience and education, you should consider putting your achievements, a resume summary, and key skills on your resume to make it stand out. This article will show you how to put key skills on your resume. Here's an example of the wrong and the right way to put skills on a resume.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Writing! Plus, you'll get tips while writing your resume. See templates and create your resume here. As you can see, the resume skills section and in hindi, the resume summary are the custom essay most visible sections . Sun Essay In Hindi! That's because skills and qualifications are what employers look for essay on future plans, , so these two sections should immediately grab the attention of the hiring manager. What are key skills for your resume?

Key skills are work-related skills that you need to do a job. Most often, you can find key skills in job descriptions. Where do you put skills on a resume? Skills are so very, very important that they should show up all over your resume. Not just in the resume skills section.

But, you do need a professional skills section, and it should be in a prominent place on a resume. You can also try putting your skills section in a side column. Also, make sure that a couple of your key skills appear in if there in hindi, your resume summary (here's how to do that) and cover letter (read more) . Several should show up in your experience section. Sprinkle a couple through your education section. One of the reasons you will want to do this is avoir essayer something called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). More about that later. What Skills to was no sun essay in hindi, Put On a Resume - Hard and Soft Skills. Writing Style! First, you need work-related skills.

Not bow hunting skills or nunchuck skills. Real career skills. So, what are the best skills for a resume? Okay, the first thing you need to know is was no sun essay in hindi that there are two different types of skill sets - hard skills and soft skills. Essay On Future Career! Hard skills are not “skills that are hard to learn.” They are the in hindi technical skills and abilities you need to do a specific job. For example, say you are applying for the position of style statement dump truck driver.

So, being able to drive is most likely the top hard skill you need to in hindi, have to do the job. Typical hard skills to list on a resume include things like computer skills or driving a dump truck. A hard skills list is essay on future career plans especially important for professions such as engineering, IT, and medicine. Here's a list of 10 typical hard skills to include on a resume: Data Analysis Copywriting Foreign Languages Accounting Computer Languages Mathematics Graphic Design Planning / Event Planning SEO / SEM Marketing Bookkeeping. A common way to describe soft skills is to call them “people skills” or “social skills.” Soft skills are often linked to personal qualities that make up a person’s “emotional intelligence.” They are special skills like communication, relationship building, and creativity. List of 10 soft skills to was no, include on a resume. See examples of how to describe them.

Communication Ability to Work Under Pressure Decision Making Time Management Self-motivation Conflict Resolution Leadership Adaptability Teamwork Creativity. Resume Bilder! The difficulty of teaching and defining soft skills for a job is the reason why a list of soft skills on a resume are valued. And if you have great soft skills on if there was no sun essay in hindi, your resume , you will do better than a candidate who has nothing more than the required technical skills. For example, research by the National Association of oral test essay Colleges and Employers (NACE) shows that the if there was no sun essay in hindi key resume skills employers favor in new college graduate applicants aren’t the trip essay technical types of skills for a resume . Sun Essay! So, what skills are the best to put on a resume? The most desirable skills for a resume are leadership and oral test essay, the ability to work on a team, with 77.8% of in hindi employers searching for both of these key skills among new college graduate hires. Only 67.5% of employers will look for “technical skills.” So, when an employer must choose between two applicants with identical technical skills, the candidate that has proven leadership skills (or other types of soft skills) has a better chance. Sounds like becoming team captain of your lacrosse team as soon as possible is a good idea. First, you need to choose the best skills for your resume. This is the most daunting part of adding a resume skills section. Bilder! It may seem simple, but take a look at the following example: I know how to if there, use a computer. It’s a good hard skill.

So I add “computer skills” to the bullet point list at the end of the resume. That’s great. Got it. But if you want to be more thorough, here are six easy tips to follow in order to make sure you have ALL of the good skills you need. So how do you decide which skills to oral test essay, put on sun essay, your resume? I'll show you how, but first - always remember to put your skills front and center . Here's an example of essay services a template from our resume builder that properly showcases skills on a resume. 1. How to was no in hindi, Make Your List of Job Skills Relevant to the Job Offer. What skills are relevant for a resume? Let’s put it this way. If you’re applying for a position as a Marketing Manager, your ability to oral test essay, tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue is if there was no in hindi irrelevant. Proficient with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (Salesforce).

Tying cherry stems into knots. If you're changing your career from Sales Associate to Customer Service Representative, most of your Sales skills will become irrelevant. In that case, you'll want to new york essay, make a list of if there was no sun essay in hindi abilities from your sales job that count as customer service skills on a resume. A good start is to essay career, make a master list of was no sun essay job skills and professionals strengths before matching them to business skills listed in oral test essay, the job description. Take a moment to think about all of the awesome things you can do.

Make sure most of them are things to put on a resume. If you're stuck, start with a general list of abilities as a warm up and then make a list of if there was no skills to add to a resume. Which of these things could be your hard skills? Can you prove them? Which of these could be your soft skills? Again, can you prove them?

Are you a good listener? That’s a great soft skill. Can you use Microsoft Word? That’s a very basic hard skill. Here is a sample of what a typical resume skills section might look like: Speak and oral test essay, write in fluent Spanish. Proficient in Microsoft Office including Excel and Powerpoint. Working knowledge of WordPress. Able to manage and implement Social Media campaigns.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills. If There! Excellent editing skills. Able to translate complex text into easily readable material. Maybe you have some of these key skills . Maybe your skill set is completely different. We’ve put together examples for army resume, you ( see below ) to help you brainstorm so you don’t leave out any of your best skills for a resume. Next, match your list to was no sun essay in hindi, the resume skills listed in the job description. All of the personal skills and talents you have can fall into one of three categories: Transferable Skills - the definition of transferable skills are key skills that you can take with you from one job to another. Examples: Microsoft Excel or Phone Etiquette Job-related Skills - job-related skills are the specific skills you need to services toronto, do a certain job. Examples: Scuba Diving or Java Programing Adaptive Skills - adaptive skills are personal attributes or skills you use to was no in hindi, survive life. Services! Examples: Persuasion or Confidence. Why is this important?

Because there are different ways to put work-related skills on your resume depending on which category they fall under. Step 1: Go through the job description to find the job-related skills that are required for the position. Step 2: You should have most of was no in hindi these key skills. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do the job. For this job, you need to resume, be able to: Conduct webinars. Attend informal dinner meetings. Speak in front of large groups. Discuss and present software. Step 3: These job-related skills should go in your resume skills section and possibly in your resume objective or summary so an employer will see them right away. There should be evidence (work experience, education, training) that prove your ability to demonstrate these key skills on a resume . Pro Tip : You can also put these skills in if there sun essay, bold , for example, conduct webinars . Using bold for conjugaison essayer, keywords helps the if there was no draw the recruiter's eye while they are scanning, and will make you more memorable as well. Step 4: Next, look for new york, all of the was no in hindi adaptive and transferable skills that the employer wants on top of the regular job-related skills.

Step 5: Sprinkle proof that you have these types of skills throughout your resume. Add a few with quantifiable proof to writing style statement, your professional skills list. Adaptive Skills for if there sun essay in hindi, a Resume. Transferable Skills for oral test essay, a Resume. 2. Research People Who Already Have the Job You Want. If There! Once you’ve mined the job description for examples of professional skills to include on your resume, visit LinkedIn for a little bit of snooping. Why do you want to peep on oral test essay, other professionals? Researching other professionals' strengths will let you know what skills and was no sun essay in hindi, abilities are already valued in that profession. Add any duplicates of your skills to your resume skills section.

Pro Tip : For future reference, you can also check out the courses, certificates, education, and skills sections to unlock new achievements. Now you know how to take your career to trip essay, the next level with a similar course or training. 3. What Skills to Put on a Resume for Extra Value. Sun Essay In Hindi! Now ask yourself: Are any of your transferable skills and qualifications missing? Remember transferable skills are the universal skills that translate across jobs - like being proficient in style statement, Excel or Spanish. Good skills like Excel and Spanish are always relevant. If you missed any, add them even if they were not mentioned in sun essay in hindi, the job description. 4. Add the Universal Skills That All Employers Want.

I know I’m getting repetitive: Go back and check one more time to make sure you have EVERYTHING. Remember, most of the career plans unique skills that you put on your resume should be job-related skills taken from the job description and your best transferable skills. Adding a couple of your best universally desired skills is if there was no in hindi a way of sweetening the deal, but don't overdo it or base your entire resume on these examples of skills. Have a look at our resume skills list. Do you have any of them? 5. Numbers and Facts Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd. Now, you're probably wondering how to custom services toronto, put skills on a resume to convince the recruiter you’re the if there was no sun essay best fit? Use facts and figures. Forget about superfluous adjectives.

It’s as simple as that. Use proof to persuade to draw recruiter’s attention. Verbe! 6. Was No! Beat the services toronto Bots By Adding Keyword Skills. Today, a lot of resumes are read by robots before they ever fall into human hands. That’s right. You worked hard on your resume, but a lot of hiring managers won’t even bother to look at it before having R2-D2 run a scan on it. The software sorts through applicants’ resumes and compares the resume skills you’ve listed to those found in the job description. To pass the inspection, you have to if there sun essay, match a certain amount of conjugaison verbe essayer these keywords. You can visit Jobscan to see how well you've matched your resume to if there sun essay in hindi, the job post.

Around 70-80% of the skills on your resume need to match the job description. Note, the percentage can differ depending on individual Human Resource departments. Resume Bilder! But, you can’t just pack your resume full of keyword skills to trick the bots. TheLadders say that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are now able to contextualize the content of was no in hindi your resume. What does this mean? The software can read your resume almost like a human. That doesn’t mean that keywords aren’t important. Keyword skills should appear throughout your resume. Trip! You just have to make sure that skill sets are added in a way that reflects your full experience learning, using, and working with those key skills. Pro Tip: You should label your resume skills section “Skills” so that any ATS program can easily identify it.

Want more tips? Read our complete guide: 42 Amazing Resume Tips That You Can Use In 30 Minutes [Examples] The Technical Skills That Employers Desire the Most. Was No In Hindi! The shift to a technology-based economy has made science, engineering, math, and IT skills some of the most in-demand skills for essay on future, a resume among employers. So, what are the best technical skills for a resume? LinkedIn made a list of the 25 top hard skills for a resume in 2016 , and it’s all tech skills. The number one skill was “Cloud and Distributed Computing.” Technical skills are either something you have or you don’t, but they are always something that you can learn. Most people will only be required to have basic technical skills on their resumes like software skills - e.g., the ability to use Microsoft Office and Excel. Professional skills on a resume are the one thing that will quickly communicate to an employer that you are the if there sun essay right fit for a job.

And after you’ve proven that, the fact that you have listed universally desirable skills on your resume will put you ahead of the pack. That’s why it is important to: Carefully craft a good skills section for conjugaison avoir, your resume. Place key skills throughout your resume. And now you know how! INFOGRAPHIC - Everything You Need To Know About Your Resume's Skill Section. The infographic featured below will show you the sun essay in hindi most desirable skills to put on a resume and how to showcase them. Like the infographic? Feel free to share it or use it on conjugaison verbe, your site.

I'll be happy to write a personalized introduction for your blog. What skills should you put on a resume to get an upper hand? Leave a comment if you have any questions about what skills to put on was no sun essay, a resume or how to add them. New York! Natalie is a writer at Uptowork. She loves writing about resumes and eating tacos more than life itself.

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Forum:My Big, Dumb Essay on Templar Vs. Mage. To tackle one issue from the Alistair Vs. Morrigan thread, let me ask you: how big a danger is a single Templar to a single Mage? Obviously the long answer is, It depends on the Templar and on the Mage. But in my opinion, the short answer is Not very. Templars are warriors who are trained to fight mages. Their attacks drain mana from mages, and they are trained to resist magic and to dispel unholy magics, according to the in-game lore. The way that people talk in the game itself, a Templar is basically a walking death machine when it comes to mages, and an individual mage has little chance against any given Templar. It is mentioned many times in the game how much mages fear being hunted by the Templars, and that being so hunted is basically a death sentence. However, I would argue that the if there sun essay in hindi, Templars are extremely overrated.

It seems pretty clear to me that, even from a purely lore-based standpoint, they're dangerous to Mages mostly because there are so damn many of them . Oral Test Essay? There may be a few truly powerful Templars who can take on dangerous Mages singlehanded, but for the most part Templars rely on the weight of if there in hindi, numbers and hunt in verbe essayer packs. If There Was No Sun Essay In Hindi? (Even young Wynne, a mere child, rated two adult Templars to bring her in). And yet, despite this practice, Templars have a history of getting their asses kicked by Mages about new york essay, as often as they kick Mage ass in turn. Duncan tells a story about seeing a group of Templars attacking a Blood Mage. Was No Sun Essay? The Blood Mage was killed by a Templar (who snuck up behind him), but only after using his Blood Magic to resume, turn the other Templars against one another in what Duncan described as a horrible scene. Duncan expresses his belief that if it wasn't for the sneak attack, the Mage would have escaped.

Again, this was one Mage against several Templars. In the Circle Tower, there was a small army of Templars. They were totally annihilated by Uldred's Blood Mages and demons from the Fade. All that Greagoir could think to in hindi, do at that point was wait and pray for enough Templar reinforcements to destroy the tower. Now obviously it was the resume, demons who won that victory, not Uldred and his mages. But the fact is that this was a mage-created catastrophe, and in hindi there were still many mages alive and well in essay the tower thanks to their powers, whereas every single Templar who had been shut in with them was either dead, a prisoner, or a mind-controlled slave of the Blood Mages and/or demons. In Hindi? Those mind-controlled Templars, by the way, all went down ridiculously easily after being hit by a couple of spells from my Mage Warden. Flemeth butchered tons of custom writing toronto, Templars, of in hindi, course, but mentioning her is probably cheating because she's Flemeth. Style Thesis Statement? And hey, Morrigan killed a whole crew of Templars in the Penny Arcade comic for if there sun essay in hindi DAO!

That counts, right? No? Then there's poor, pathetic Jowan, who still managed to use his Blood Magic toss around two templars, freaking Geagoir, even Irving the First Enchanter, and of course the Mage Warden as well. Just goes to show how powerful Blood Magic is supposed to be in on future the DAO setting, I guess. Basically I submit that in a straight-up, solo fight, any given mage could easily kill any given Templar of equivalent level. And I'm just saying that from a lore-based standpoint. Now let's discuss the Templars' actual abilities with regards to the game mechanics. Righteous Strike: Each of the if there, Templar's hits against essay, any enemy spellcaster drain mana. My analysis: Sucks.

The amount of if there, mana drained by the Templars' attacks is negligible. If the essay services, Templar managed to get into melee range in the first place, the Mage has a hell of a lot more to worry about than the dinky mana drain, since the in hindi, biggest threat Warriors pose to essay plans, Mages is stunning or knockdown attacks that will completely disrupt Mage spellcasting. If There Sun Essay? Hence, Righteous Strike is pretty much pointless, unless you're attacking a Mage who. somehow. has a lot less mana than health. Cleanse Area: The Templar dispels all dispellable effects nearby. My analysis: I mostly used this one to get rid of those damn, annoying glyphs that Mages can drop down in front of you. But if the Mage has buffed himself with things like Stone Aura or Spell Might or whatever, then yes, this ability could make some difference. Writing Style? However, again, this ability won't do you much good as an offensive spell against a Mage unless you're also engaging them in melee combat.

Once a Warrior has gotten that close, whether or not he loses his Spell Wisp is the sun essay in hindi, absolute last thing the Mage will be worried about. New York? Cleanse Area can also take care of any de-buffs a Mage puts on the Templar, of course, but in a solo fight this spell will not do the Templar any good against spells that paralyze, petrify, freeze, or stun (which is to say, it's useless against any of the if there, really good ones). Mental Fortress: The Templar gets +20 Mental Resistance. My analysis: That's nice. Now you don't have to worry about that Cone of Cold. oh, damn, that's a physical resistance check. Verbe Avoir? But you'll be prepared for that nasty Blood Wound spell, right? Or just plain Paralyze? Alas, physical resistance checks, again! I guess at least guess you're covered if the Mage casts Crushing Prison. Sun Essay? oh wait, nope. That spells doesn't even give you a resistance check of any kind.

Long story short: Sure, you get a bonus against mind control spells, but that's just one single spell type. You have NO SPECIAL DEFENSE against spells that do DIRECT DAMAGE. Once the verbe, Mage does cast that Crushing Prison, and then starts piling on with Shock and Cone of Cold and whatever else, you're going down and you're going down hard. Holy Smite: The templar strikes out with righteous fire, inflicting spirit damage on was no sun essay, the target and other nearby enemies. If the target is a spellcaster, it must pass a mental resistance check or else loses mana and trip takes additional spirit damage proportional to the mana lost. All affected enemies are stunned or knocked back unless they pass physical resistance checks. My analysis: I guess the was no, biggest benefit of this ability is its usefulness in oral test essay being able to damage (and possibly stun) an enemy mage at range. If all goes well, you could stun the if there sun essay in hindi, enemy Mage with this from a distance, and then run up and oral test essay make with the Shield Bashes or Stunning Blows or whatever in order to take them down quickly. If There? In actual practice I always found that this ability never works as well as it sounds like it ought to. Assuming that I just plain suck at DAO and that this ability is awesome and army resume does exactly what it says, the biggest remaining problem is that Holy Smite is the only ranged attack ability that Templars have, and that it has a considerable cooldown if you fail to stun the mage the first time. This ability also gives the sun essay, Mage two checks to mitigate the effects: a Mental Resistance check to avoid additional mana drain/Spirit damage, and a physical resistance check to avoid being stunned.

In contrast, Crushing Prison gives its victims absolutely no chance to avoid the spell. In short, Templars have exactly four special mage-fighting abilities. Trip New York? Even if I were to agree that Holy Smite is wonderful, that still leaves three out of four Templar abilities that have very limited usefulness, and only one Templar ability that can be very useful at range. And beyond those four abilities, a Templar is just another Warrior, or. as Alistair puts it. just a guy in sun essay in hindi a metal suit. Army? And unless they can get into sun essay in hindi, melee range extremely quickly, and get in a stun or a knockdown attack before the Mage can cast a stun or paralysis spell, lone Warriors will always lose to lone Mages.

Always. I'm telling you: Crushing Prison. After that it's basically over. The Mage can cast two, three more spells before the style statement, paralysis effect even ends. Assuming the Mage chose his spells with care, the Templar will never even get close enough for the rest of his abilities to be a factor. Even Holy Smite only if there gives the writing style thesis statement, Templar one shot. Sun Essay? ONE SHOT. On Future Career? If it works to perfection, that could be all he needs. But if the if there in hindi, Mage recovers for just long enough to snap off a Crushing Prison or a Cone of army resume, Cold, then that is the end, my friend. The Templar is toast.

I'm suddenly reminded of a situation faced by if there was no sun essay, Elminster in one of the Forgotten Realms books (I don't recall which one). Essay Career Plans? Elminster found himself fighting an enemy who he couldn't fight with magic and if there was no as he was a wizard this presented some problems for him. Oral Test Essay? The way he defeated his oppenent in the end by crushing him with falling debris (since he could still effect the building just fine). If There Was No? Even if a mage in Thedas were to writing style thesis statement, face a Templar with gear granting them full magic resistance (unlikely), they could still just do something along those lines. I'm fairly sure the Templars are only effective vs mages when they outnumber them and are very prepared. Even then I'm not so sure. In the if there in hindi, mage Origin Knight-Commander Greagoir knew he was about to apprehend Jowan (on charges of being a blood mage) yet he didn't seem to be able to custom writing services, do anything against him. Either Templars are far weaker than people give them credit or Greigor wasn't very good at his job. --Aedan Cousland (talk) 19:01, September 12, 2010 (UTC) The Jowan thing was definitely not Geagoir's most glorious hour.

In Greagoir's defense, I can only suppose that he thought (perhaps not entirely unreasonably) that his two templars, plus himself, plus the First Enchanter would be enough to handle a mere apprentice, even if that apprentice was a Blood Mage. Then I guess the ferocity of Jowan's attack caught everyone off guard. Still, Greagoir really should have known better than to underestimate Jowan, especially since Greagoir and in hindi his Templars would have had ample time to prepare themselves beforehand. Verbe Avoir? As for the fall of the mages' tower, by Greagoir's own admission he and his templars were prepared for one, or two, or three abominations, but not a whole army of if there sun essay in hindi, them. Oral Test Essay? And yet, while Greagoir was just sitting there waiting for reinforcements, a Grey Warden and his buddies cleaned out the entire tower with relative ease. Again, not the greatest argument for the supposed prowess of the Templars.--DarkAger (talk) 20:36, September 12, 2010 (UTC) Speaking of Jowan, in a rather off-topic thing, can we use that Cone of in hindi, Blood ourself in new york the game? But talking about the templars. Yeah, they're pretty useless on a one on one fight.

If we can expand this discussion a bit, look at what the qunari did to a ton of if there was no sun essay, templars in the expanded Destiny trailer. Trip? Just look at how many black-armored templars drowned in their own blood in there. Was No Sun Essay? Not to forget one thing: not every templar is a level 16 with all templar skills, most are likely (speaking lore-wise, 'cuz gameplay-wise all foes must be balanced for. balance purposes) not even Templars (specialization) but simply Warrior, and those who are will probably only have the first two talents at best, only very famous/powerful/Knight Commanders will have talents 3 and 4. So yes, templars need number, lot'sa numbers. The Bard From Hell (talk) 20:54, September 12, 2010 (UTC) The closest thing to that blood attack that Jowan uses in the mage origin is the Power of Blood ability Blood Fury, which is oral test essay one of the warrior ones. --Aedan Cousland (talk) 23:07, September 12, 2010 (UTC) When the Templars go after a Mage period they go in a Squad which consists of 9 to 10 Templars, more if they are goi0gn after 2 or more. Anya (talk)20:58, September 12, 2010 (UTC) I feel a Warrior vs. Mage discussion coming on. Also one should consider that many of the templars in the tower guard basically a school perhaps there lack of combat experiance could be to blame seeing as how alistair is if there was no sun essay in hindi a very effective warrior and writing toronto he is was no in hindi or was going to be a Templar.

Finally, a small army? I heard someone say that a small army was guarding the tower I believe I saw about 15 mages for every Templar. @The Bard From Hell I dont believe those were templars (why would templars guard a viscount?) Also the conjugaison verbe essayer, Qunari in that trailer was obviously a High ranking Champion of the Qunari making him a very good but uncommon warrior. --Gdubs (talk) 21:02, September 12, 2010 (UTC) Do I hear someone arguing that the numbers we see in was no sun essay in hindi the game are representative rather than symbolic? Next you'll be telling me that there are only about 40 people living in Denerim! In fact there's no telling exactly how many Templars are in verbe essayer the tower, in part because we only saw a small part of it while the if there sun essay in hindi, tower was still intact. But there certainly were a lot of conjugaison avoir essayer, dead or brainwashed Templars in the tower after it fell. Was No Sun Essay In Hindi? Oh, yes, and the Templars' Quarters? The place where we would expect most of them to live, eat, sleep, and trip new york train when not on guard duty? Were not accessible during the Mage Origin story. So. yeah. --DarkAger (talk) 22:21, September 12, 2010 (UTC) I believe that Templars thrive on the reputation they've been given over the years, these deadly mage killers, ruthless and was no sun essay in hindi will cut a mage's head off at trip new york essay, the first sign of posession.

I bet that it is the reputation they have earned that stops some people becoming Maleficarum. And in the example of the Harrowing, it is one mage against if there was no sun essay in hindi, who knows how many Templars right? I also believe however, that there are quite a few Templars, the ones that are sent out into the wilds to find reported Apostates, that do possess some skill and will be better than the ones we see. For the most part though, I agree that the Templars are overrated though. WardenCommander17 (talk) 21:04, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

I think the crux of the toronto, argument is that the Templar actually has to get in close enough to hit the mage. Hence why so many of them are sent after apostates and maleficarum. Its a war of if there sun essay, attrition, send in enough Templars so that the on future plans, mage exhausts themselves battling them and if there in hindi is captured or killed or the mage kills so many that theres no one left to come after them, for the time being at least. @gdubs,the Templars of Kirkwall have a lot of influence in the city. Apparently they killed a vicious tyrant some time in the city's past and now all but have the run of the city. Essay Career Plans? Anyone who rules the city does so with the permission of the if there was no, Templars, or they might find themselves. well. dead.

So it makes sense that there are a contingent of Templars both to protect the writing style thesis, Viscount and to if there, keep an eye on them.--Madasamadthing (talk) 21:18, September 12, 2010 (UTC) Alright I was not aware of custom essay services toronto, that.--Gdubs (talk) 21:21, September 12, 2010 (UTC) Two points. 1) The templar powers we see in the game are for people who are not full templars. We know that templars are given lyrium. Maybe this isn't just to enslave them.

Maybe when on a mage hunt they take lyrium to give extra powers or immunity. If There Was No? Think about what would happen if lyrium gave Holy Smite +200 damage. Conjugaison Verbe Avoir? 2) Templar armor which protects against magic rocks. I followed the advice of the 'a different approach to if there, tanking article' and made myself immune to spells. Also my armor was high enough that I could care less if a building fell on me.

I think prepared real templars could be devastating even if we have not seen evidence of it.Folnar (talk) 23:23, September 12, 2010 (UTC) The Templars in the tower were real Templars. Despite chugging lyrium like there was no tomorrow, none of them had any powers strong enough to keep themselves from 1) being brainwashed by demons or Blood Mages, and bilder 2) dying in droves. Neither was their armor particularly impressive. I'm guessing that rank-and-file Templars just plain aren't equipped with Stormchaser Armor or the like. I'm not saying super-powerful ass-kicking Templars don't exist; I'm saying that they would be the exception rather than the if there, rule.

I am also saying that Templars that strong would be the Templar equivalent in power of, say, Possessed-Uldred among the conjugaison verbe, Mages. And that Mages of that level would have access to was no sun essay, equally impressive powers and equipment, and so would still kill their respective Templars quite handily in a solo fight. Army? Though come to think of sun essay, it, not only do we never see any evidence of style thesis, Templars getting enhanced powers from if there sun essay lyrium, we quite often see the writing statement, opposite. You know Alistair and if there sun essay in hindi anyone else in your party you trained as fake Templars? These are your Templars. You know that crazy boat-guarding jackass Carroll, or the mumbling, senile old Templar outside the custom writing services, Denerim Chantry? These are your Templars on lyrium. I'm just sayin'. --DarkAger (talk) 23:43, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

I'm in agreement with the original post and many of the rest of the if there was no in hindi, comments. There are several effective anti-mage strategies in career plans this game, but none of those are based on simply waiting for was no in hindi a Templar or another melee fighter to resume, close the if there was no sun essay in hindi, distance (unless the melee fighter is dog. Oral Test Essay? ). Was No In Hindi? Great discussion! -Vim- (talk) 23:37, September 12, 2010 (UTC) Regarding the Templars being overrated, I have a theory which might explain their reputation as deadly warriors rather than the collection of mediocre warriors they seem to be in-game: Let's assume the Templars were founded alongside the custom services toronto, Chantry in Orlais by Emperor Drakon. So, in the very beggining, the chantry - and thus the Templars - may have been small organizations before they dramatically swelled in popularity. So, during this time, the sun essay in hindi, first Templars may have been made up by some of the best (and the most religiously loyal) warriors there were in Thedas (maybe even on par with the essay on future career plans, Grey Wardens).

Even in a short time, such an organization would be able to develop a great reputation. But then, when the chantry grew much larger, the Templars had to was no in hindi, as well, and essay writing services then those few, highly capable warriors weren't enough to was no sun essay in hindi, build up the writing statement, organization, so they started recruiting less capable people. If There Was No Sun Essay? However, the army resume bilder, Chantry would probably not want to admit this (what would mages do if they realized their ever-vigilant guardians aren't so strong after all?), so they ensured that the if there was no sun essay in hindi, reputation remains, thus people still believe that they're these invincible mageslayers, while in fact the vast bulk of the conjugaison avoir, current organization is was no in hindi made up of normal people - the equal of common knights, or maybe even rank-and-file soldiers in some cases. To me at army resume, least, this seems a likely reason for their overly impressive reputation. Thoughts? --Matt-256 (talk) 16:47, September 13, 2010 (UTC) That could very well be the case. It's mentioned in-game that the Templars are an was no sun essay army, as opposed to a small, elite force.--DarkAger (talk) 23:55, September 13, 2010 (UTC) A Templar only needs to style thesis statement, have the right armor and if there was no sun essay in hindi runes. With a spellresistance of essay writing services toronto, 90% there is was no sun essay no chance for any mage, no matter how strong he is. The ingame-reputation is based on writing style thesis statement, the statement, that templars are almost immune against if there was no sun essay, any spell, and that is how it feels if you are a templar in the game. Army Bilder? I always jumped up in joy when I encountered a hostile mage.

Except that 90% spell resistance is if there absurd. It isn't typical for anyone, let alone your average Templar. That's basically just you turning your character into a killbot combat munchkin. Hell, by the end of Awakening my own Dwarf Commoner Warden was using a dagger which gave him a ridiculous +100% backstab damage, along with multiple talents which boosted his total backstabbing attack damage to absolutely stratospheric levels. Does this mean that all dwarf rogues are absolute beasts on the battlefield who can kill any enemy in seconds, provided that said enemy has a back to stab? Of course not. Case in essay career point: Knight Commander Armor, which according to its description is worn only by the Knight Commander of the Templars, gives an if there in hindi impressive 40% spell resistance. Again, that's 40%.

And again, that's armor that's specially made only for writing statement the Knight Commander . Regular Templar armor is if there a mere 20% magic resistance. Oral Test Essay? Not nearly enough to keep their blood from being boiled by your friendly local Maleficar. --DarkAger (talk) 23:41, September 13, 2010 (UTC) If the templars are so weak against was no, mages, why do they still control more than half of the mage population in thedas. Maleficar are special cases because they have made a deal with the army resume bilder, devil to recive those evil and corrupt powers. Was No? The average mage would not know any top teer spells and could at most create shields and fling fireballs.

Even so templars are made as the ONLY fighting force with enough power(dwarves as well to an extent) to stand up against powerful mages (aside from oral test essay another mage- not to say that mages havent been beaten by an normal knight or other lucky being, such as King Maric; who has no claim in was no in hindi templar talents) 4 templar skills compared to 25+ mage talents is a little unfair as well, I believe that templars have access to oral test essay, more abilities (but were restricted due to balance issues-in game) Templars are mighty, but are not always prepared to face huge threats that require heavy planning and a lot of skill- such as uldred's take over of the was no in hindi, tower. Custom Essay Services Toronto? Given the if there was no in hindi, correct amount of time and planning they would be quite powerful- I think Greigor just didnt want to sacrifice his men when he knew that his force wasn't strong enough at essay toronto, the given time. I would say that templars and mages are about even in skill, templars just have an easier time in said battles due to the magic resistance (in most cases- which leads to the belief that templars are master mageslayers at if there was no, any given time) Demon aided mages(blood magi)are not the same as the normal rank and file mage; they sacrifce their own soul and life for custom essay evil causes while gaining undeniable power (akin to if there was no, the dark side of the oral test essay, force in star wars). Only a mage like wynne would have a shot at being an if there in hindi even match to a maleficar due to her own good spirit to protect her. (talk) 18:40, September 14, 2010 (UTC)swampman03. Again, because Templars are many, and Mages are few. Mages are extremely powerful, but I'm talking about one-on-one fights, here. In a solo fight, Mages and trip essay Templars are not even close to if there sun essay in hindi, equal: the Mage has a vast advantage. If we're talking even two or three Templars against a single Mage (which is the way that Templars tend to army, prefer it), that of course is if there sun essay in hindi a different story.

A mage obviously cannot withstand a group of on future career plans, warriors of equivalent level. Was No In Hindi? Besides, even alone Templars are still stronger against Mages than normal warriors. I wouldn't call it impossible for a normal fighter to kill a mage in a solo fight, either. of course not. Oral Test Essay? but I do think it's pretty ironic that you're giving Maric as an if there sun essay in hindi example, since that was hardly a straight-up battle of Warrior vs. Mage. Your average Warrior is not equipped with super special mage-destroying poison given to essay, him by his dead Bard lady friend, like Maric was.

And if your average Mage would not know any top tier spells, then the sun essay in hindi, average Templar would certainly not know Holy Smite. That means that your average Templar is basically nothing but a Warrior in 20% spell resistant armor. Still, I suppose I'd agree that a single Templars has the advantage over a single Mage at the lowest levels. It's around the resume, time that Mages get Cone of Cold that the balance tilts dramatically in their favor. It then remains tilted in was no sun essay their favor all the way up to the highest levels. As for mages making deals with demons, the only thing they really get from that is Blood Magic.

Sure, Blood Magic kicks ass and lets you boil whole groups of templars blood or brainwash them into fighting each other for you, but it isn't strictly necessary to give mages the edge against templars. They already have that to begin with. I'll say it again: Crushing Prison. If you're not high enough level for essay on future plans that, then go with Cone of Cold. It does the job nearly as well.--DarkAger (talk) 20:57, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Templars tend to if there was no sun essay, wear high level armor as well, so said warrior is resistant vs magic and physical attack checks as well- crushing prison would work, but are you so sure cone of cold would work on a templar of the oral test essay, exact same level as the was no in hindi, mage in trip a defensive setup such as a tank? Personally templars are my favorite character group in if there DA because (for the most part) they stand for justice and doing the right thing. There are bad templars but just as many evil mages as well. Yes a minor stun spell may effect him/her for essay plans a moment or two, but without your devestating spells near the if there was no in hindi, top, what would save you after your spells are on cooldown and the templar has already knocked you on your butt and put a blade through your head; while only taking minimal damage? Templars are made to have high health, willpower, and oral test essay defense to outlast an enemy then use his/her might to behead a squishy mage. Eventually you would run out of tricks and couldn't do much to save yourself against a powerful templar who knew what he/she was doing.

My templar could shrug off magic attacks with ease at if there, any point in essay on future career the game even on Nightmare difficulty. I still believe they are even in talent and ability and hopefuly templars in DA2 will gain even more skills to wipe the sun essay, floor with magi and those overpowered spells. Templars are powerful- bioware just has not portrayed them well(cause you really dont get to see them battle at all). Since the chantry is oral test essay a central theme and the templars take a lead role in if there in hindi DA2 we will see if bioware will do them justice in the coming battles ahead. On Future Career? What we need to see is a Bad A templar who actually gets things done(think of if there sun essay in hindi, a person like Justice- in templar form; that would be pretty sweet) (talk) 21:43, September 14, 2010 (UTC) swampman03.

Templars tend to wear high level armor as well What exactly are you talking about? Exactly how many Templars do we ever see wearing high level armor in oral test essay order for you to justify that claim? Again, the basic Templar armor found in the game has 20% magic resistance. Sun Essay In Hindi? That will make some difference, but not a whole lot. Trip Essay? Knight Commander Plate is +40%, but is noted in the item description as exceptional, and was no sun essay only available to Knight Commanders. That would seem to indicate that templars tend to wear the same, basic templar armor that I already mentioned.

Templars are made to have high health, willpower, and defense to outlast an essay career plans enemy then use his/her might to if there was no sun essay in hindi, behead a squishy mage. Again, what? Are you talking about game mechanics? If so, that's bull: Templars get a mere +2 to magic and a +3 to trip new york essay, mental resistance. Or are you saying that from a lore-based perspective? If so, that's also bull: Templars are NOT noted in-game as having exceptional health or defense, or even willpower for that matter. I get it: you like templars.

But now you aren't even talking about the game, you're talking about. If There Sun Essay In Hindi? well, I don't actually know what you're talking about. At the moment your idealized version of templars seems to style, exist primarily within your own head. As for your Warden, oh, sure, everybody's Warden rules. That argument here is no more valid than if I started telling you about how my Mage Warden is a Blood Mage and an Arcane Warrior and if there in hindi a Battlemage, and that she's absolutely unstoppable when she's got her Fade Shroud and Shimmering Shield Active and is wearing her Clamshell Armor with multiple Masterpiece runes, all while spamming the area with her Blood Wound and Hand of Winter spells. Does my experience with that Warden mean that all Mages are invincible killing machines? No, don't bother to answer that. Since you have produced no evidence that templars in DAO are as powerful as you claim they are, and since your argument is now based on the claim that this is because Bioware screwed up and on essay toronto, your hopes that they will fix this mistake in DA2, I'm just going to declare victory in this thread and call it a day.

Farewell.--DarkAger (talk) 23:27, September 14, 2010 (UTC) You seem oddly pissed considering these forums get those kinds of sun essay, comments all the time. On Future? --Aedan Cousland (talk) 23:41, September 14, 2010 (UTC) Chill a bit, Aedan said it: they're aways saying those stuff, speacilly when they're anons (or simply trolls). If There Was No Sun Essay? I agree with you, using the Warden as a argument ain't fair. It's like calling Chuck Norris to statement, beat a bully for you. People in general have a problem in distinguishing what itens and skills they get and if there was no what itens and skills the trip essay, rest gets: most templars are like level seven with basic templar armor and iron-steel weaponry. And as for was no DA2, templars are potentially enemies depending on choices etc. from what I can tell, so they'll probably be even more pathetic when it comes to facing them.

The Bard From Hell (talk) 23:46, September 14, 2010 (UTC) When one thinks of verbe avoir, a templar, they usualy picture a heavily armored knight who can resist spells(like a paladin). Heavily armored(massive armor) knights tend to focus on defense in an attempt to be a useful tank, for the first question all I meant was his resitance checks were high, as is his stats to counter mages (willpower and constitution)tend to be pretty decent (not always, but it would make the most sence to me. If There Was No Sun Essay In Hindi? A templar must fight mages so high hp, defense, and magic resistance would be the most useful in that given situation) Im feeling some hostility for new york my thoughts, which is if there was no sun essay in hindi a really a strange reason to even get mad about, cause I didnt fling any trash talk directed at you or anything. Writing Style? I know that I cant justify much in sun essay the way of templar fighting skills because we dont really have good examples to work with. You fight maybe 15 templars in the whole game (with a full party and your warden) so they of course would look trivial in difficulty.

As i said of DA2, perhaps we will see them get better and we can stop saying they suck so much. I consider them a diamond in the rough, much potential to be devistating but not much action is shown either. (talk) 13:44, September 15, 2010 (UTC)